Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This is Worth Waiting For!

It seems that so much of our year is spent wading through ice and snow...
skies cold and grey,
earth brown and grey.

Each day passed with the promise of warmth and color to come.

That time of year seems so long... days pass slower then
(which is not a bad thing!)

Suddenly, though, we find ourselves in the midst of an explosion of color!

All of the rain of the past three weeks coupled with the recent sunshine
has brought world back to life.

Every square inch is teeming with life.

Greens, so green... almost unimaginably green.

Is it any wonder that this is my favorite color?

After the work is done...
feeding, mucking, weeding, watering, mowing...
it's time to sit and just enjoy the beauty of our world.

Puffy clouds float overhead in a crystal blue sky as I lie back with cat on lap,
surrounded by friends.

This is heaven.

This is what gets us through the cold and dark days of winter.


Do you remember a few weeks ago...
I showed you a few messy looking goats?

A couple of our goats looking as though they had fallen on hard times...

Now they are looking quite lovely...
all of the old shedding matter removed.

Dr. Becky mildly sedates these two and combs all of the shedding fur,
trims their hooves,
and just generally gives them a makeover...
these two that won't stand still for such nonsense unless under the influence of drugs.

I should be so lucky... to take a nap and wake up with a complete makeover!


  1. I love when everything bursts into life again, I dont think my gots shed like that, although they do get brushed often, perhaps they will I will go out there one morning for milking and find they had decided to get undressed, what do you sedate them with I am interested although mine will now stand for me after months of giving me the cold shoulder

  2. Does Dr Becky make housecalls on humans?

  3. I was going to say the very same thing as Debra lol,,,they look lovely as do your flowers,, amazing!

  4. I love this time of the year when everything is bursting into bloom! Lucky goats, wake up beautiful and don't even know they took a beauty nap! Enjoy your day!

  5. it's too hot for me already...ugh! everything looks so beautiful including the goats! i like the mix of red and purple petunias!

  6. Everything looks wonderful..You probably do as well..By the end of today it will be too hot for me..I know I'll have to turn on the AC..xxoo


  7. ... So true, all of it. I was standing in our hay field this morning as I headed up to the barn to feed and turn out... the mist over the fields, early morning sun rising... the rich green of the grasses... truly, heaven.

  8. I didn't know that about goats and their fur. The spring flowers are beautiful. I like living in the Pacific Northwest in the spring time because the colors are so brilliant.

  9. Beautiful scenery!
    What a blessing to have a vet in the family!
    Your veggies look scrumptious!


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