Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Makeovers Needed

It's been a month, now, since the sheep were shorn.

Their fleeces are beginning to grow again.

Most noticeable is Hope.  
Immediately after shearing, her pink skin showed through her fleece.
Now she's getting fluffy again.

Another thing that is noticeable is all of the tiny tufts of fleece that were missed
during shearing....
like Gracie's ear tufts...

and Faith's brown fluffs beneath her eyes.

I think the girls are in need of a little makeover... a styling perhaps!

And speaking of makeovers...

Perhaps MaryAnn would benefit from braces?

We are once again in the midst of another rainy week.
It's been great for the vegetation...
everything is very green and lush...
but tough on my "to do" list.
Many Spring chores are on rain delay!


  1. I am in the "spring delay" mode too . . .
    Maybe it was a good thing for me.
    I accomplished some indoor tasks . . .
    A week of rain though . .
    means a week more of weed growth.
    Oh my . . .
    Snickers needs her "spring do" makeover!
    Quite evident when I have a difficult time finding her eyes!

  2. I like the ear tufts there cute but the eye tufts make her look grumpy :-)

  3. lol,, a barn yard spa you could start lol,,
    I admit I would be very much tempted to clip the bit missed under Faiths eyes,, oh heck, I would likely tidy up the ears as well, I'm just so OCD lol,,,

  4. I know you will have fun with the much needed makeovers... The ear tufts are cute..Looks like you may get some mowing in soon...hope so..They still have all their inner beauty..:)

  5. Hi Beverly,
    I think part of Mary Ann's charm are her TEETH! haa
    I just love your sheep
    Have a great week.


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