Thursday, May 5, 2016

For Macy

Dear Macy,

We thought you might enjoy getting a letter from us
 now that we have settled into our new home.

Our new house is quite large and always has a big supply of fresh food and water.

We love our roosting bar...
we slept there the past two nights.

Yesterday when the rain stopped,
we ventured outside.

Our yard is full of yummy plants...
we ate some and really liked them!
There are lots of bugs to eat as well.

As you can see, our combs are still nice and red.
Don't worry, we aren't sad.
And we hope you are not sad, either.

You took really good care of us when we were babies,
and for that we are so grateful.
We will always love you.

Thank you so much for taking us to such a nice new home.
We are looking forward to seeing you again when school is over.

Your friends forever,
Egg, Fish, Jelly and Petunia


Meanwhile, around the farm.....

We are enjoying an early harvest of asparagus.

And this year's morel mushrooms are huge!!

Sadly, half of our fairy morel tree fell in the sheep's yard Tuesday evening.

There was three times more tree limbs laying here...but we have started to cut the wood 
and remove it.

The last week's rains have given me a lot of time in the sewing room.
These homespun and linen tunics will be my summer wardrobe...
over top of a tee shirt and cropped pants.

This cross-backed apron has a huge hip pocket...
perfect for egg gathering or bringing home veggies from the garden.


  1. I think every little part of you has CREATIVE folded somewhere into "your mix!"
    So fun to follow you . . .

  2. I guess those chickens are so remarkably literate because they were born and raised in a school.

  3. I love your new aprons so much. And the chicks are very fortunate to have landed with you!

  4. Such happy chickens to have your farm as their new home! I love your new tunics. Do you use a pattern?

  5. Love your new wardrobe..Perfect and comfy..Smart chickens you have there..nice touch!!Mowing today??

  6. The letter the chickens "wrote" brought tears to my eyes...thanks so much for taking good care of them!

  7. You do have the kindest, most compassionate heart!


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