Friday, May 6, 2016

And Then There Were Three....

Though cloudy and grey, yesterday's rains held off until late...
giving me a chance to catch up on the rest of the week's mowing
and weed whacking.

When I finished, I sat down with Annie at the door to the "new" chickens' yard.

All four of the "newbies" were out eating leaves and hunting for insects.

In my best rooster voice, I let out an "Er-er-er-er- Errrrrrr." 

Imagine my surprise to be answered back by not just one tiny rooster....
but three!

All three sounded like squeaky little trumpets with those damper things 
(mutes, I believe) in the horn.

Yes, Egg, Fish, and Jelly are all roosters.
Petunia has not declared herself/himself as of yet....
time will tell.

Once over my surprise, I gathered the dogs and headed into the woods

in search of more morel mushrooms.

Call me greedy, but...
while in the grocery store the other day I noticed that the morel mushrooms were $49.99 /pound.

These fungi-licious delicacies are hard to find and only grow this time of year.

If only I could train the pigs to search for them like truffles.
Knowing these girls, they'd eat the profits!

Sadly, we found no more morels.
There were however, lots and lots of these...

sometimes called umbrella plants, also known as Mayapple, or Mandrake..
they flower beneath the umbrella, and eventually bear a fruit.

Apparently this plant has many medicinal uses 
and was used by the American Indians as a laxative.
I imagine that if I had lived in colonial times, I would have been well versed
in herbal medicine.

Apparently our walk tired old Sammy.

But, with Annie around there is no rest for the weary!

Yesterday I showed you a few of the tunic/aprons that I had made.
It's hard to envision how these look when they are worn,
so I had Hubbs shoot a couple pictures so that you could see how I wear them.

I added a few buttons to lift up the sides of the tunic and give it a touch of whimsy.

I created my own pattern for these from a top that I had purchased at an Arts Festival.

And so we end another week at the farm.
This weekend is an exciting one!
Saturday I am heading to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival,
where I will be overcome with wool-lust!

And Sunday is Mother's Day.
I wish you...whether you are a mother of two-legged or four-legged children...
the happiest of days!
Even if you have no children, it is a day to celebrate that motherly, caring side of you!!


  1. Hope you enjoy your Mother's Day as well, Bev.

  2. What a cute apron. LOL about your 'chickens'--little roosters, huh? Three cocky little ones! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with all those you are 'mom' to--xo Diana

  3. Oh my, three roosters! I do love hearing them learning to find their voice 😃.

    We keep hoping to find some morels on our property. At last weekends Morel festival in town they were selling for $100.00 a pound. I kid you not!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  4. no sleeping in on your farm with all those roosters! i love mayflowers and am trying to naturalize them in my woods. i would kill for morels and to go to tht fiber festival! have a great time and report back everything!!!! happy mother's day!

  5. Those tunics are absolutely adorable. I don't know how you do all the things you do, wish I had your energy. But I don't, so I'll just enjoy your world as my fantasy! Thanks for starting my days off with such a peaceful feeling.
    Marcy from Atlanta

  6. Oh dear, you won't be getting many eggs from those roosters. Do I see a stew pot in their future?

  7. My husband was out mowing and found a huge group of morels around the stump of a tree we had cut. We don't like them but made some friends very happy! have fun this weekend! Don't spend too much:)

  8. Debra....Oh stew pot for these boys. They will live out their lives at the bachelor pad...a henhouse that is close to our home....and far away from the rest of the flock. Too many roosters stress out the hens...afterall, roosters only have one thing on their minds. However, if there are no hens around....these fellows will live out their lives peacefully chest-bumping and high-fiving each other at the local saloon!!
    Cindy.... I dry our morels and combine them with asparagus for a lovely spring omelet.

  9. Happy Mothers Day. I make a lot of aprons and I love this one, too stinkin cute!!! Hugs, LJ

  10. your outfit is adorable...Mayapples!!! I couldn't think of them the other day for the life of me..We used to have them all over the place...Roosters!! I know how you love roosters..Too funny..Poor Sam..just can't keep up anymore..I know how he feels..>.Happy Mothers Day!!

  11. your aprons/tunics are the neatest thing i've seen in years. i retired six months ago, and getting back to cooking, sewing and gardening are at the top of my bucket list for the summer (at least). those aprons would come in handy for all three. -- suz in ohio

  12. Those tunics seem so practical! I really need to try morels one day. I'd have to take out a loan I guess...;0P

    Enjoy your Mother's Day!

  13. Beverly, Cute frocks, they suit you. I hope we don't end up with the roosters outnumbering the hens with my new batch of chicks... already have too many.
    Love those pigs of yours... and they probably could find those mushrooms, but you would never know except for the scent on their breath.

  14. Happy Mother's Day to you! I love the tunics, I'll have to think about making one or two of those for myself. I really like them...the chickens are so cute! I have never had a morel mushroom but I've always heard how good they are! Maybe someday I'll be able to indulge!

  15. Happy Mother's Day Bev . . .
    You are a "mother" to many/much!
    Love hubs photo looks of you . . . NICE . . .


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