Monday, April 25, 2016

Puppy Boot Camp

It's so funny how life works out.

In all of the world I cannot imagine a more perfect dog for our family.
Young Tucker has been with us a mere 4 days...
and yet it seems longer.

We are working on fattening him up a little.
His leg laceration (unknown origin... he arrived with it) is clean, but slow to heal because
he is so very active.
He's had his vaccinations thanks to Dr. Becky.
The future holds neutering and micro-chipping.
He's currently enrolled in puppy boot camp.

He's learned so much in four days.
He's learned to "sit",  "come", give his paw, "drop it" and he's beginning to understand "stay."
He knows his name as if it's always been his.

He's learned his place amongst the pack...
and gives the others the respect they deserve.

Mom and four dogs on the couch... there's always room for one more!

He's learning that although life is full of fun,
he is also learning that there are times to be serious.

He's beginning to understand that...
"we don't chase chickens,"
"cats are to be respected."

Potty training....well, that is coming along... a little more slowly.
He's smart.  He'll get it.

We had a super fun weekend taking walks and playing ball.

Please excuse Sam's behavior, but this is always his contribution to the ball game.
I told you... he's a weirdo.

We also had another surprise visit from Mackenzie this weekend.
I am happy to say that she loves the puppy...
he brought out the biggest belly laughs from her!

I am also happy to say that apparently no one has been looking for this puppy,
so it looks as though he's here to stay. 

PS: A check of the game cameras revealed that the bears did not return at all this past week.
But, oh boy are there a lot of raccoons out there!


  1. It's nice the dogs share the couch with you, our dogs use us for pillows if we are on the couch

  2. He is a wonderful looking dog and has found himself a lovely home :-)

  3. crack me up! I'm so happy for Tucker! He will be loved and cared for in the best way.

  4. What a wonderful addition to your family. Such a cutie! Welcome, Tucker, you may not realize it yet, but you've won the lottery with your new home.

  5. Tucker is very cute - I LOVE his long tail! Your couch looks like mine on any given night ... you'd be surprised how much room a little pug can take up!

  6. lucky tucker!!! he sure can run! i've dated a few guys like sam.

  7. He looks awesome! So glad he found a home with you. In your previous post you said he was neutered. But in this post you said he had to be neutered. Typo?
    Spring Peeper Farm

  8. Nope....couldn't find his tiny little testicles at first. But, they are there!!!

  9. Oh Sammy..Have you no manners?? Glad things are working out all around..

  10. I am soo glad he fits your farm and family he is quite the cutie hounds are smart . Lovely photos and video . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. The couch picture is adorable! He is really doing wonderful little tucker and he looks plumper already :}. I can not believe how well all your dogs get along.
    it's awesome!

  12. Tucker looks perfectly happy in his home!
    Handsome one he is!

  13. He's a handsome pooch. Looks like he belongs there. What a blessing.

  14. Oh Bev, what a sweet dog Tucker is! It didn't take you long to get him trained with good manners...that doesn't surprise me. I hope all works out and Tucker has found his forever home...what a wonderfully happy life he'll have with you and your family. I hope the storms miss you...we'll be seeing some here in Arkansas over the next couple of days. Have a great week!


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