Thursday, April 14, 2016


Mowing season has begun.
It's one of those activities that accompanies the warmer weather.

Unfortunately, you cannot have one without the other!

If only the goats were more effective lawnmowers.
Even their pasture needs mowing on a regular basis.

As I drove down the driveway on my mower, I passed these gals.
Seeing them shorn like that just makes me smile.
I am reminded of how cute they were as lambs
and I still cannot get over how different they look without their huge wooly fleeces!

This morning I watched Ivy on the window sill of our bathroom.
She was watching a squirrel on the bird feeder outside the window.
As I watched, I noticed her tail twitching.
I have seen this before with cats and always wonder why they do that.
I captured it on video...on the Go Pro...
so please excuse the toilet in the video...there was no way to tell how much of the room
would be in the video.
As for the toilet....we all have them, right?

Even her mouth got a little twitchy there at the end!

I thought I would share my spare time activities...

Off the needles:

On the loom:

I am excited about this project.
It will be a very lightweight wool wrap.

On the sewing table (and almost finished):

I will share pictures when it is finished (probably today).


laurie said...

I didn't know where to see the video,,but I could envision it,, cats do have a full on concentration when it comes to prey.
your knitting project is so beautiful and your latest sewing project really caught my eye,, oh my gosh I love that,, is that linen,, oooo, thats beautiful!
The sheep look so cute,, they do age so beautifully,,

Lynne said...

I like the sheered look . . . seeing their eyes . . .
Such a talent you are . . . beautuful . . .
I couldn't catch the video . . . came up as a blank space.
I enjoyed you though . . .

Beverly Frankeny said...

Oops....technical difficulty!! it should be fixed now!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That video is hilarious! She wants to hunt and chase that squirrel so bad!

Portia said...

"toilet....we all have them, right?"

To be honest, I was beginning to wonder. In all the videos of people's houses posted on blogs, you never see a toilet. I'll tell you something else you never see in anyone's house is dust. I'm guessing I'm the only one with dust on the windowsills and dog hair in the corner.

Missy George said...

They do that when they are annoyed or bothered..or on the hunt..I have heard my cats make little barking noises when the mouth twitching starts..The sheep are cute..nice to be able to see their faces..Happy mowing..

Missy George said...

PS..Really love your projects esp the "jumper"..It will look cute on you..

jaz@octoberfarm said...

my cats used to do the same thing! i love this sewing project!


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