Friday, April 22, 2016

A Week Of Surprises

Remember a couple of months ago...
the potential dog adoption that ended up not happening?
It just didn't feel right.
And many of you told me that the right dog would come along.

Fate is a funny thing.

This fellow showed up at our neighbors' house.
They suspect he had been there for about 2 days 
judging from the disappearance of their cat's food.

Yesterday they called me and asked if we were still looking for a dog.
And so I went to see the fellow.

Filthy, covered with ticks (about 15 of them),
injured on his front leg,

But oh so friendly, loving, enthusiastic!
A real keeper.

Jim and Kathy and I pulled off the ticks, bathed him, and I took him home to meet the crew...
which went splendidly.

I called the local vet...
I called the local shelter...
looking to see if anyone had reported him missing.
No one had.
There were no identifiers on tags, no microchip.
He was neutered, however.

Guessing from size... he is maybe around 5 months old.
Puppy teeth all in tact.
We think he's a Fox hound.

So.....Meet Tucker...newest member of the family....
for now, at least...and hopefully forever!

We have a few things to work on...
like how to properly ride in the gator.

There, that's better.

So, with fingers crossed...
we plunge headlong into puppy training...
hoping that we will be able to some day reap the rewards.

Prior to being plunged knee deep into puppy-dom, I had a little time to finish another sewing project.
This time a linen cross-back apron that can be worn tunic-style over pants and top...

(suits me to a "t"!)


And so, another Friday rolls around.
It was a week full of surprises.
Who could have guessed on Monday how this week would go!
It was a good week, a fun week...
and we will be back on Monday with stories of our weekend.

YOU...have a great weekend!


  1. Fingers crossed for you, and especially forTucker, that everything works out! So many wonderful animals needing homes and love. And that favorite! Wouldn't care to part with it, would you??? Have the best weekend!

  2. Helllllllllloooooooooo Tucker, what a wonderful home you have adopted I hope you decide to stay :-)

  3. Tucker, you've chosen the right family. They'll get you up to your fighting weight in no time! He looks SO sweet! Fingers crossed.

    The apron is darling.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Sweet sweet Tucker!! That face must of just melted your heart. I literally lol when I saw him sitting in the gator.
    Love the apron and the embellishments!!
    Have a great weekend. I'll anxiously be waiting for Monday morning to hear more about Tucker

  5. LOVE the apron, Bev. It' funny how life is. I hope it all works out well for Tucker. He looks like a fun dog. :)

  6. He's super cute. Certain angles he looks pointer-ish too. Either way, sounds like a good farm dog prospect.

  7. Often instead of you finding a perfect pet, the pet finds you. Meant to be.

  8. Adorable! Both Tucker and the apron. Love your shoes as well. Good luck with him. He has very longing eyes . Lucky pup! have a fun weekend

  9. Such a cute puppy! And your apron is cute too!

  10. Happy Puppy Days . . .
    Bet he'll love his new home . . .
    Love the apron . . .

  11. Tucker, you are one lucky little pup! I hope all goes well with him and you.

  12. Oh, what a sweet face Tucker has! I hope it works out and he becomes a permanent part of your family! Love the apron and your shoes!

  13. Tucker looks like a really great dog. Best wishes to all of you.

  14. Congratulations on finding Tucker. Hope he gets to stay. I know he,lol have a good life with you

  15. Hello Tucker,
    Here in North Carolina he would be called a "DEER HOUND", as Deer Hunters can use Dog's to run Deer to the hunter. A lot of the hunter here have large packs (12 to 20) of the Dogs and when it is not Deer season, the Dogs are penned up and not very well cared for. I hate that this is the only reason the Hunters have the Dogs.
    And there are times when a Dog is lost while out Running Deer and the Hunters just let it be. I rescued a Deer Hound a couple years ago and found Her a good Home. But I can not do that with every one I see out in the woods!

  16. Hi Beverly,
    I believe you have found a friend forever in Tucker.. What a gentle, sweet one he is! Bless your dear heart for taking him in.

    I just LOVE your apron!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. oh he is beautiful,, so thin though,, poor luvvy,, why would someone not be looking for this beautiful animal.. Your gain, their loss,,,he is lucky fella to have found a home with you,

    I have been wanting to make an apron like that,, I think they're perfect and so comfy,, I'm such a messy person I need full coverage!!
    Your apron looks perfect!

  18. Well hello handsome Tucker you have come to the right house there , you will have plenty of love and fun . I dont understand how no one could miss their dog and not search high and low for them or go to every house in the area , I would . Lovely apron looks good . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

  19. Tucker is one lucky pup!
    He will be so loved at the 'Farm'...
    and.. luv your apron...

  20. ooh, he's adorable! And one lucky dog. Looks like just the right fit for your farm family. Best of luck, Tucker!

  21. tooooo cute! What a lucky dog and family also. I hope that hunters haven't lost him at such an early age (as another comment suggested).
    He deserves better if that was the case. Ann

  22. tucker just hit the bev lottery! i can't wait to see how he fits in. do the other dogs show him his way? i love the apron!

  23. Well....welcome to Tucker. Hope he fits in very well with all of your crew and is a kind and gentle addition to your farm. He looks quite sweet and you seem to have a good sense of intuition regarding animal personalities so hope he works out very well. It will be nice to see him put on a few pounds, which probably won't take very long at all. Thanks for introducing us. Have a terrific weekend!

  24. Aw, he's adorable (he resembles our Bo-Bo who was also skinny when we got him). Congrats.


  26. LOVE IT!! I believe the apron is definitely a reflection of you and your wonderful sense of humor. The apron you sent to me a few years back is sitting on a peg in our kitchen here in Arkansas, it loves bread flour ;)


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