Monday, April 11, 2016

A Big Day For Grace, Faith, and Hope

The BIG DAY is finally here!
Today the sheep lose their fleeces.
After a year of growing and growing and growing the wooliest of wooly pajamas....
they are going to be sheared.

This will be the first shearing for the lambs.
Gracie is an old pro.

Unfortunately, today is supposed to be a rainy day and tomorrow is to be our last cold day.
In preparation, we moved the sheep into the barn yesterday.

This way we can do the shearing in the barn aisle... out of the rain.

And afterwards they can stay in the relative warmth of a barn stall until tomorrow's
cold spell is over.

Amazingly, the transfer went without a hitch...

As for the rest of the weekend...
it was wild and crazy!
Saturday started like this...

Sunday started like this...

with a woodsy hike.
Hubbs had found some interesting mysteries in the woods earlier this weekend.

First was this hollowed out tree...
newly dug out ( two weeks ago it did not look like this.)

We suspect that a hungry bear woke up from his hibernation and was in search of insects.
You can see the claw marks.

He made a hole in the trunk of this tree large enough for a nine year old!

And then we found this on our platform tent in the woods....

Muddy bear paw (claw) prints!
There was also the print of fur in the mud stains.

The game cameras are hanging in the woods...
maybe we will see the perpetrator one of these days!

One of our silly activities when hiking our woods is pushing over trees.
Now, don't get me wrong... we only push over rotted, dead trees...not living ones.
It's extremely satisfying...

Yes...that's life in the country!
And it doesn't take much to entertain us!


  1. I dont think I would like being so close to bears it would give me sleepless nights, hope the shearing goes smoothly :-)

  2. the bears are certainly awake where you are!!
    It always amazes me how curious they are,,
    very impressive tree pushing lol,,,,

  3. beverly had three little lambs, their fleece was white (and brown) as snow and everywhere that beverly went, the lambs were sure to go. cute!

  4. Bet those camera will revel!
    I liked the Liz dittie . . .
    True . . .

  5. Great post photos and videos . WOW ! That dug out tree is cool but not cool that the bear was at your tent building lol ! Thanks for sharing hope the shearing goes well and all have a fun time . Have a good day !

  6. Fun post...Better keep the dogs close by!! Bears have been seen in Mechanicsburg as well..Love how the sheep follow you..Old habits!! Good luck today...still have night time temps in the 30's this week..Then we're done?? Guess we'll see.

  7. You know, you should knit your sheep some sweaters to keep them warm after shearing!


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