Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Luck of....

The Irish!
I don't believe that any Irish blood flows through any of the veins of Bee Haven Acres.

And from the look on Sammy's (humiliated) face... I'd say there's no Irish in him!
Or Annie!

The donkeys are from Sicily...

However, for treats they are willing to claim any country their home!

The pigs are from New Zealand...

And they don't care what holiday it is... they just like to dress up!
(That's obvious given MaryAnn's toothy grin.
I think she's just happy to be the Princess!)

The closest to Irish are the sheep...
and they are party poopers!  (literally and figuratively!)

But still, on St. Patty's Day we are all a little Irish, aren't we?

And because we never miss the chance for a party...
we did our best to be festive!

We got out the party hats and costumes,

 poured the green beer...

and danced into the night!

"Please,"  says Audrey..."I'd like an audience with the queen."

And she whispers "Erin Go Bragh" into Ash's ear, "Isn't Nigeria close to Ireland?"
Ireland forever, Audrey


  1. wonderful way to celebrate with the animals brilliant photos :-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Always make me smile when it's a holiday and the animals are dressed up!

  4. All so darn cute . Thanks for sharing , Happy St Patrick's Day to you all at the farm ! Have a good day !

  5. I don't want to hurt your feelings but, Mary Ann is in SERIOUS need of orthodontics!!! hehe
    But still, you gotta love that smile of hers...


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