Friday, March 4, 2016

The Adventures of Sam and Ivy Begin....

Wow!  I was blown away by all of the positivity with regards to
our potential adoption of Annie's look-alike!

I am always so nervous when a new animal is on the horizon...
and what I am starting to learn is that it always seems to work out.

Take Ivy, for example....

This little gal has adjusted to her new home famously!

She has mastered the cat door in the utility room door...
so she has access to food and water and litter box whenever needed.
This area also gives her a dog-free zone if she desires one.

As for the dogs...
introductions were made yesterday.

Sam, eternally curious, was first to come nose to nose with little Ivy.
He sniffed and she wrapped herself around his legs, purring, purring.

Meeting Annie was uneventful... a few sniffs and curiosity was satisfied.

Oakley could have cared less.
He's not particularly a cat man.... can take 'em or leave 'em....
preferring to just ignore 'em.

While we are on the subject of cats...

Yesterday, while in the barn, I noticed that Bobby was scowling.
Why? you ask.

Because the workshop half of the barn, where the kitties live,
is apparently going to the birds.

The two Lucilles were hanging out in the workshop.
It seems at least one of them has taken over the cat bed on top of the barn refrigerator...

and made it her private nesting bungalow.
Every day there is a fresh egg inside.


  1. The new cat, Ivy, is absolutely gorgeous. I too get nervous when introducing other animals, but your introductions seem to have gone marvellously. Your dogs are so good with the cats, it's really nice to see them all get along. We had two rescue dogs with our cats some years ago and they were wonderful with them (but I would be nervous about doing it again). Will your house kitty be able to go out when she has got settled? I wonder how you decide who will be a house cat and who will be a barn cat? Looking forward to hearing how Ivy gets on and, of course, the potential new dog member of the family - exciting (and nerve racking) times. Good luck, hope everything turns out well. Have a good weekend. Regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK (P.S. although I don't comment that much - I am at work - I absolutely love your blog and check in each day. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your inspiration).

  2. Ivy seems to be so sweet and I'm glad the introductions went well! I'm wondering... since she is a rescue kitty, if the shelter said she gets along with dogs and that was one of the factors in your decision to pick her?

  3. To answer Kathy's question. I suppose I don't worry so much about the cat getting along with the dogs....but vice versa. If a kitty decides that she doesn't like the dogs and swats at them when they come around....I am ok with that. Then the dogs will respect that and leave her alone. But the other way...if the dogs are antagonistic and chase her....she will get no rest. That is something I cannot live with. At that point, the "good dog" collar will be used to teach distance. The only factor that we had in picking Ivy was whether or not she was friendly toward us and sought our attention....which she did!!

    Louise in U.K....thank you so much for visiting us and for your comment today!! I think that Ivy will just be a house kitty. We will see how that goes for now. As for the other cats.....when strays show up at our barn they remain barn kitties. That way we don't worry about litter boxes. And of course when I say barn kitty...they do not lead the typical barn cat life. They all have fluffy beds, heating lamps, dry food 24/7 and get canned food daily as well. We feed our barn kitties well so that they have lots of energy for playing with the mousies!! Hubbs just really wanted one kitty to be a lap cat in the house.....hence Ivy!!

  4. lol, glad the introductions went well. Ivy is a sweetie.

    The way I look at another addition to the family....what is one more mouth to feed. lol Enjoy and I hope it all goes well.

    Have a great weekend, Janie

  5. I am not a cat person I will tolerate them but thats as far as it goes, what a clever chook choosing such a lovely nest :-)

  6. Your pictures are so special. Ivy is beautiful! And your post on dogs...oh my goodness. Dogs are so special. Poppy is always saying he had rather have a dog around than a person.

  7. Loved all your pictures. Bobby has every right to be incensed over that darn chicken.

  8. Are you SURE it's not one of the cats laying those eggs?

  9. So funny seeing an egg in a cat bed. Lol. So glad Ivy is getting along well. You have to love Sammy, what a great dog.

  10. What is Bobby doing in the barn anyway?? Did he move back? Ivy reminds me of Abby..just a little lighter..Glad the adjustment is going smoothly..was there ever any doubt? Those chickens seem to pop up everywhere..Funny..

  11. Ivy is soo pretty ! Glad all are getting along . Oh my chickens in the cat house that is soo cute ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  12. Poor Bobby, no respect!! Great post!!

  13. Ivy is a beauty!! So are all your other sweet babies. xo Diana

  14. Now that's funny! An egg in a cat house.. Makes sense.. Warm and cozy.. haaa
    What a beautiful cat! Everyone seems to just get along.. Great post, Beverly.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  15. They always manage to sort themselves out, don't they. Lovely new kitty!

  16. Just catching up with 'life on the furry farm'... Welcome to Ivy,,, hope things work out with Annie's clone and Happy Belated B-day to Jack,,, speaking of Birthdays... are you getting ready? heeheehee.. only 23 more days... Just Sayin'
    hugz sear friend


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