Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunshine Makes All The Difference!

I am feeling rather giddy this week...
and so full of energy!

Arising before 5, I start my days early...
out of the house and out to the barn to watch the sun come up as I tend to morning chores.

I've been finishing chores before 7:15 these days,
which leaves a whole lot of morning left for other things!

I've washed all of the bedding in our room and the guest room...sheets
and pillow shams and quilts...
all dried on the line.

Mmmmmm....everything smells outdoor fresh!

It's easier to move about the farm without the burdens of winter coats and quilted pants and boots.
It makes me feel about 10 pounds lighter!

This week's beautiful weather has given me the opportunity to catch up on chores
that have been neglected for a few months, like...

trimming the pigs feet.

As long as they are on their side for "belly-rubbing",
it's quite easy to trim hooves.
What you don't see in these photos is Amanda rubbing and rubbing and rubbing,
as I snip, snip, snip.

Of course we have help.

Sweet Bobby...always in the midst of any activity!


  1. lovely sun rise, for a moment I thought your pig was so well behaved just laying there for the trimming, some jobs need extra hands :-)

  2. Spring is here it many ways. Bobby looks like such a good and handsome helper. :) Deb

  3. I guess you can add "manicurist" to your resume! Or would that be "pedicurist"?

  4. It has been wonderful here to sunny and temps have been in the 60s spring has sprung here for sure all the spring birds are back no snow any where the land is now warm as well rain for a day or tow then more sun shine and we are out side all day with now coats or heavy cloths either and it feels good I can handle this . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. I know the feeling...Almost too warm today..For me anyway and Mollie too!! Enjoy

  6. Our farrier calls himself the 'equine podiatrist'. Maybe that makes me a porcine and caprine one! Interesting you use a nipper, I find it easier to use a bypass pruner. And yes, you really do need a good belly rubber as an assistant!

  7. Hi Beverly,
    The photo of your sunrise is breathtaking! Happy to hear that you are having some warmer weather... Everyone looks so contented.
    Enjoy your weekend.


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