Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rainy Day Fun

Decisions decided....on with life....
and thank you so very much for all of your was greatly appreciated
and tremendously helpful!
You all always come through when I need a little help.

It's been drizzly here this week.
Warmish and drizzly.

I am eager to get out to finish the garden clean up started over last weekend
while the sun shone, but I am not fond of gardening in mud.
So... seeing how it is still very early in the season, the garden can wait for sunnier days ahead.

I've busied myself with a few projects.

Polymer clay plant stakes were something I came across while trolling the internet.
I love DIY projects and dove headlong into this one, as I already had all of the supplies 
in my craft room.

I assembled the polymer clay, rubber alphabet stamps, and an ink pad...
as well as a few common kitchen tools...

and in a matter of minutes had several herb markers hardening in the oven.
Roll the polymer clay, cut your shape (I used a pizza cutter and a ruler),
stamp whatever you want into the clay....bake as directed on package.
That's it....easy peasy!!!

Quick, easy... I love this!
Good gift idea to make for one's favorite gardener!
(Mother's Day is coming.)

I have also been sewing my heart out...
baby bibs have replaced aprons for the time being.
Truly, these are tiny aprons for babies 6 to 18 months.
I can size them for 2 to 4 year olds as well.

I am pretty sure these are way too many for Mackenzie...
so I have decided to sell them.

Each one is flannel-backed, cotton, machine washable.
$10 each
Email me ( if you are interested.
I have also ordered farm fabric...sheep, pigs, bees, owls, and fawns.

Oooooh....and I forgot to tell you...
I have joined a fiber group that meets twice monthly.
Monday evening was my first meeting and I am learning to spin.
(now that's my kind of spin class!)
April 4th is shearing day here on the farm... and soon after that I will have my own wool
to start spinning!
I am so excited to share this with you!

I've been practicing with some roving that a friend gave to me (thank you Joyce!)...

and I've got to say there is a bit of a learning curve to this activity.

I am getting it....but it will take a while until my yarn is consistently the same size.
Practice, practice, practice!!

Spinning is incredibly relaxing...a zen-like activity.
I'm loving it!


  1. Love the herb markers, You have the same wheel as me well they look the same, I am sill getting to grips with it when time allows :-)

  2. Wonderful bibs and love the garden markers to . My mum had a spinning wheel and spun our sheep's wool after I carded it with the combs I like the sound of the spinning wheel ours used to have a bit of whistle to it with speed lol ! Hope you have fun and enjoy your spinning . Lovely photos thanks for sharing ,have a good day !

  3. Spinning! I love it too. What kind of wheel did you get? Your yarn is looking good. Funny, but the first skeins I made are wonky and wobbly and they made the best looking infinity cowl! I didn't believe it at the time but I was told that the first uneven skeins you make will be your favorite and your practice will make your yarn more even and then you will never be able to create the uneven look even if you try. I found it to be true! Have fun learning to spin!

  4. Spinning yarn from the wool of your own sheep? Exciting! Soon enough you'll all be wearing "home-grown" sweaters, so to speak.

  5. I have had those clay plant stakes on my to-do list for ever! Yours turned out great! I've also wanted to try spinning, but need to know more to make an educated decision on a wheel. Any suggestions?

  6. Herb markers, Bibs and yarn..Lots of home grown products ! Glad you are having fun..Love the results..

  7. this is going to be really exciting to follow!

  8. Cindy....I have a Schacht Matchless Double Treadle spinning wheel and I am really happy with it. The gals at my fiber club all said it is a great wheel.


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