Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Something In The Air

As you read today's post, 
it's most likely snowing here at the farm.

I should have known that something was going to happen today
as I was out yesterday cleaning the dry lot.

It seemed like everyone was full of themselves...

running and chasing...

and playing like crazy!

Annie has a way of getting everyone started.

And then when Annie leaves, they just keep playing.

And playing...

And playing...

And playing!

Leaping into the air...

And kicking up their heels...

I'm not sure what it was....

But something was definitely in the air yesterday!


  1. Cute pictures!! marsha@tubbslanefarm.com

  2. Great action shots..I'll bet the snow has put a damper on things!!! Hope you don't have to shovel too much..This one is heavy..

  3. Very nice article and You got some amazing clicks.!!

  4. Maybe a touch of spring fever lol ! Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. Cute, Cute, Cute . . .
    Usually " something in the air" at Bee Haven!

  6. the warm days now feel very springlike to me. maybe to the animals too.

  7. You took some great action pictures. Sounds like the animals had lots of fun. The donkeys almost look like they are laughing our loud. I love seeing the photos & the video from a few days ago where Annie playing chase with the horses. I remember when you first brought Annie home to the farm. She was so timid & fearful of the other animals that she would cry & rub away from them to the safety on the other side of the fence. Now she loves to play with the animals she feared so much. She has come a long way with all your love & reassurance. It must be rewarding to see the changes in Annie over the past year. If only they could find a way to bottle whatever it is in the air that makes everyone feel their oats. I sure would like to run around & have a kick up my heals like the equines, donkeys & Annie.

    P.S.: How is your face healing up after your collision with the fence last week. It sure looked painful, but I hope you are feeling better.


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