Monday, February 1, 2016

How A Day Can Take A Sudden Turn

Some days end up entirely different from how you envisioned them.
Yes, some times you just cannot see what lies around the next corner.
Yesterday was that sort of day.

It all started with a fabulous sunrise.

I was so glad that I had my camera with me as I went about early morning chores...
for this was a sunrise to share!

I love to see my critters happily munching away in front of a fiery sunrise.

I finished up morning chores alone...
alone as I had been for the previous 5 days.
Hubbs had left last Tuesday for an educational event in Florida.
Why didn't I go along?
And to Disney at that!
Well, sometimes it is just easier to stay and hold down the fort than it is to go.
Especially because he was to be sooooooo busy that he would not be able to play.

Back to the sunrise.....
For some reason yesterday when I saw that "red sun in the morning",
the words "sailors take warning" echoed in my head.
Not giving this a second thought,
I dove into the second stage of morning chores.

I had asked our neighbor, Anna, who often helps out on the farm,
to come that morning and help me with some big chores.
On the list was cleaning henhouses, trimming goat hooves, and cleaning sheep houses.

Henhouses were cleaned without a hitch.
Goat hooves were trimmed...
well, 3 out of 4 were trimmed.

The last, Stella, is always the most difficult...
Catching her is next to impossible.
But, with high snow to slow her down,
Anna and I were game.

That is until I was taken out of the game.
You see, I dove through the air to catch her as she ran between me and the fence.
Unfortunately, she got away, and the fence got me.

I sailed through the air striking the fencepost headfirst and saw stars.
A searing flash of pain shot through the front of my forehead,
as well as my nose and cheek.
Realizing that I had also struck the rusty salt block holder,
I slowly lifted my head to a gush of blood running down my face.

Yes, those are puddles of blood in the blood, sadly.

Stella...1,  Bev....0
Looks like I came out the loser on this one.

Back to the house to clean my wounds,
and I called Hubbs on FaceTime so that he could give me a video consultation
to assess my wounds.
A one inch gash on my forehead could have been stitched... I opted to ignore it after cleaning it up.
After all.... who cares about a scar under one's bangs.
The left side of my nose was missing a layer of skin and swollen...but nothing was broken.

Bruised and battered, with flesh wounds and a whopping headache,
I spent the rest of the day recovering in the house.
Anna tended to the rest of the days' chores.
Hubbs flew home from Florida on schedule.
(He might not go away and leave me again.)
And I had a visit from Mackenzie and her Daddy... to make sure that I didn't have a head injury
that resulted in neurological changes that might not be detected were I alone.
I was fine.

I sure didn't plan for the day to go like that!
I guess that's why they call them accidents.

Back to the top of the "To Do" list:  Trim Stella's hooves!

PS....Happy February!!


  1. I'm so glad you are OK. What a horrible thing to happen to you. I hope everything heals quickly. On a brighter note, might I just add that you have beautiful skin.

  2. Oh OUCH!!! Makes my face contort just to think how bad that would of hurt and how very painful the headache must of been. Made me forget all about the beautiful sunrise. Hope today finds most of the pain gone. Take care and happy March to you.

  3. Oh, no! I hope it doesn't feel as bad as it looks. Does this mean next time you'll go on the trip? ;0D Sending healing energy your way.

  4. I got a headache just reading that! Happy that you are ok....and you had the presence of mind to take photos! My bets are on you to win this one with Stella!

  5. Wow. You are very lucky that Anna was there when this happened in case the head trauma caused you to black out. I loved that you consulted with your resident MD on Face Time to assess your injuries, but most importantly I'm glad that you're ok. Hope the rest of your week goes better. Hugs...

  6. Glad you're OK. Could have been worse. Good that Anna was with you I would have been up to check on you had I known. I worry about those kinds of things when you are up there alone... Beautiful sunrise! Xxxooohave a trauma/drama free week.

  7. Oh noooo... I'm so sorry your day took a turn like that and you got hurt. :-( Glad it wasn't any worse and hope it'll heal quickly!

  8. Oh dear . . .
    Ouch for sure . .
    Never in the plan when they occur . . .
    How about a quiet day today!
    Thinking of you . . .

  9. such a traumatic event! and a stroke of luck that Anna was there. Hope your wounds heal well and with no sign of that nasty post's presence. Ann

  10. I think about my friends and family who live alone, and often wonder, if something happened to them, and they were knocked out and not just hurt, who would know? And how soon? Oh, it's enough to make me truly mental, if I give it too much thought!! Thank GOD you had Anna with you, for if it had been worse, and you were knocked out - who knows how long you might have laid there in the snow? I met a gentleman years ago, whose spouse had recently passed away. They lived in a remote spot - didn't have family next door, or even near by. So he did 2 things: he got the Life Alert (or the ADT alarm version of it) for himself, bracelet and necklace for inside the house, AND he started wearing his cell phone, on a short necklace of sorts around his neck when he left the house. He felt much safer, then, at home without his wife. You must have pockets and such on everything that you're wearing when outside caring for the animals, but might not be able to get to the cell phone, depending on your injury. There is a strap thingy that holds a camera, that buckles around you, with the camera IN it, to keep it from bouncing, rather than having it strapped around your neck.

    Perhaps something like that could work, although it might be in the way frequently. I sit for horses, and your whole body is usually involved in everything you do for them!!
    So glad you weren't hurt worse!!! Karla from Coal City, IL

  11. OH my goodness! You are lucky it was not worse. Other than the blood and bruising and swelling, you have amazing skin. Truly beautiful. I hope you don't have any more of those terrible accidents in the future! Take good care of yourself.

  12. oh no....ouch! you look like you went a few rounds with rhonda rousey! feel better!

  13. Oh no! That looks really bad. I'm so happy you are okay! I hope you'll feel all back to normal very soon :)
    That sunrise was absolutely beautiful! Wow! Thank you for sharing this amazing picture.
    Have a wonderful, much better week.

  14. OH MY!! So glad you are ok and family nearby to come and check on you!! Rest well and heal quickly!!

  15. Oh dear! Do you have an up-to-date tetanus vaccination? That rusty salt block holder could prove dangerous.

  16. UGH! And I'll assume you're current on tetanus. Glad you're OK -

  17. Howdy, You need to get a Tetanus shot ASAP. Rusty cut means this they are good to about 5 years. When was your last one?

  18. Oh, ow. Hate to mention this but a couple of years ago I stepped around in front of one of our horses, between him and the wall (yes I should know better). He flipped his head up, caught me square in the nose and smacked the back of my head against a cinder block wall - I, too saw stars. A few months later I ended up having one tooth pulled and a root canal in another because they had cracked and I'm pretty sure that's when it happened. Might want to mention it to your dentist next visit.

  19. So glad to hear that you weren't hurt any worse than you were! Whew! Now here's a question for you..... are you up-to-date on your tetanus shot? Sure hope so. Rest up....feel better soon!!! :o) Glad your hubby is back home.

  20. Oh my goatness! I'm glad it wasn't worse. I do think you deserve to take a nice vacation while hubby does chores for a few days.

  21. I'm so thankful you are not hurt worse than you could have been. Things like this can happen so quick on the farm and anywhere for that matter. Take very good care of you and you'll have a grand story to tell your grandchildren about your scar! :)

  22. You know Beverly, I came by yesterday and read this post, but did not leave a comment.. I had to go sit down...Good gosh, pow! I hope you heal fast, and are not left with any lingering effects...
    Take care dear friend


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