Friday, February 19, 2016

Dinner, Downton Style

I arrived at the barn extra early yesterday...

because I had a very important appointment with a special little lady later in the morning.
I was especially happy to be there before sunrise,
as the rising sun put on quite a show for me!

I quickly finished my barn chores (in the usual 2 hours)
and headed to town...
spending the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon babysitting this cutie...

By the time I arrived home and headed back out to the barn
the sun was starting to set behind our woods.

Arriving at the barn I felt like I had just walked onto a set of Downton Abbey.
Moonbeam, as Lord Grantham was lamenting the fact that his dinner was late.

He went on talking of how difficult it is to find "good help" these days.

Donnie Branco, as Branson, was listening, but not agreeing,
since he, himself had not grown up in the aristocracy.
He, being more sympathetic to the plight of the "help" was far more patient in these matters.

MaryAnn, as Lady Mary, was beside herself...
almost fainting from hunger and wondering when her trifle would be served.

Lady Edith (Ginger) patiently waited by her bowl...
eyebrows raised at the antics of her sister.

Scarlet, as the Dowager Lady Grantham, was schooling Lady Mary
in the finer points of etiquette, reminding her that talk of starvation was unbecoming to a lady.

By the time the sun had set, everyone had their dinner and happily munched away.

All of the disgruntled ones quickly forgot their complaints,
and peace and contentment returned to the manor once again.
And I headed home to feed dogs and humans.
(Who, as it turns out, are much more patient than spoiled rotten farm animals!)

Here is a great gift idea for new parents...
(especially for "foodies" or health-conscious parents)
Ashley steams vegetables in this (which then purées them)
and then she freezes perfect portion sizes in ice cube trays,
then pops them out into a freezer bag.


  1. Adorable post in many ways. If I'd known you were here all day I would've popped in. Love the baby food maker ....what a great idea . Your imagination ran wild with the Downton Abbey scenario. Very cute. Have a great weekend.

  2. Well, at least you know your place at Downton Abbey, LOL!

  3. She just doesn't seem to like those peas. What a cutie!!

  4. Your post this morning was quite enjoyable! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  5. Your pictures of the morning and evening skies always overwhelm because they're so gorgeous. Glad you got to spend quality time with the little darling. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Great article!!And What a beautiful pictures, I love them.
    Thanks for sharing your experience .

  7. i feel the same way about pureed peas!

  8. Lovely photos and post ! I used to do that with my kids baby food cook it first then with a blender I would puree it and freeze it in ice cube trays but that is a handy machine to do it all . I love Downton Abby and am sad this is their last year ever . Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  9. Little Miss Adorable gets cuter and cuter . . .
    Thank you for the food press/purée idea . . .
    I may have to make some purchases for my greats!


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