Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cats, Dogs, and Rain

Bobby is our garage/barn cat...
but he is so much more than that.

He is a wanderer, an adventurer, a hunter, a lover, a fighter.
He disappears for days on end.
I worry.
And wonder.
Eventually he returns home.

Often Becky tells me he's been at her barn...
bothering her cats.
He loves to "bother"... it's one of his favorite pastimes.

And when he finally comes home, he curls up under his heat lamp and sleeps...

like a rock.

Come morning he's ready to go again...
often hopping into the front seat of the gator,
often on my lap...

ready to head out to the barn...
and bother the barn cats.

It's what he does.

On this particular day, upon his return home after a lengthy absence,
I opened a can of cat food for him and set it on the shelf in the garage.

I quickly ran into the mudroom to fill up his water dish.
When I returned to the garage...
there was Bobby.... and no cat food.

I immediately knew who the culprit was.
"Sam......" I called.

Guess who slunk into the gator with tail between his legs.
Bad Sammy... he'll never learn!

Our snow is melting quickly.
Higher temps and rain yesterday helped considerably.
Did I hear that the groundhog predicted an early Spring?


  1. Oh Sammy...if you didn't look so guilty just maybe you wouldn't be a suspect.

  2. Those ears hanging low always clue in the culprit . . .
    Sammy, with a "happy belly" . . .

  3. I must admit this gave me a morning chuckle. I'm sure Bobby isn't laughing with missing food. But the look on Sammy's face is priceless!!

  4. Sammy - you have a face that gives you away! Maybe Bobby HAS to go visiting to get some breakfast! I had a similar situation with a pug who sneaked in and eat the cat friskees while I was preparing her food. Had to put up gates!

  5. Yup, early spring it is..If there weren't piles of plowed snow around, it would be almost gone...Grass is evident under the trees and along the streets..Love the "guilty Sammie"..I thought maybe Bobby was so hungry, he just wolfed it down..Max will do that if he loves it!!..Cute story..Bobby would be high on my "worry" list...

  6. i think sam knows only too well...he just loves that cat food!

  7. Our Miggs likes cat food to until she realizes again it makes her sick lol ! crazy dogs ! Lovely photos . I am glad Bobby comes back every time and is ok . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  8. Oh Sammy, what to do! How could anyone get upset about the cat food with those big beautiful eyes... I am happy to hear the Bobby always returns home..
    Enjoy your evening Beverly.. I hope you are mending well.

  9. That Bobby is such a beauty. He reminds me of our last cat, Tom-Boy, who was a Maine Coon that we found at the Humane Society when he was tiny. Boy, did he ever get big and furry! Hope your Bobby will always come back home after his big adventures!


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