Thursday, January 21, 2016

This Is What Happened To My Homework....

The dog ate it...with three dogs, it could happen.
I spilled dinner on it...possibly, what a mess!
It was in my pocket and it went through the laundry.
All plausible reasons....

But the real reason that I don't have a formal blog post today is this...

The dogs needed me on the couch with them!

Seriously...forgive me.
Yesterday was a busy day off from the farm...
filled with dentist appointment and then in the afternoon,
I donned my nurses' scrubs and worked at the office for several hours.

And when I got home....
the couch, oh, the couch...
it called my name.
And with a three dog blanket, it's hard to move.

Yes, friends, it was a Three Dog Night!


  1. You all look so nice and cozy!

  2. You all look so nice and cozy!

  3. I really like this . . .
    Wonderful picture . . . quiet . . . rest . . .

  4. A well deserved rest I would say ! Cute photo nothing better then snuggling up with your dog or in your case dogs on the couch lol ! Have a good day !

  5. well deserved and much needed :-)

  6. the best way to nap! we are going to get the storm!!!! i am soooo excited!

  7. You deserve the rest. Pull those dogs close and have at it.

  8. What a sweet picture. I love those cuddle nights.

  9. A well deserved rest and a perfect way to spend the evening..xxoo

  10. Hi Beverly,
    Oh you all look so cozy... Relax and enjoy


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