Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Thing About Sam

I suppose that the ending of yesterday's mystery was no surprise to you.
Am I right?
Those of you who have visited the farm for some time now
are well aware of Sammy (aka "Bad" Sammy)'s shenanigans.
This sweet, gentle, lazy dog who everyone wants to take home with them...
has quite an adventurous side to him.

Yes, this Yoda-like canine creature is somewhat of an enigma.
He has taught me many lessons.

"Now pay attention."
The most significant being that on the Road of Life,
it is not the destination that matters but the trip itself.

Sharing the passenger seat of the gator.
An example...

Yesterday morning (a brisk 25 degree day), we caught Sammy licking and licking the 
water bowl outside the barn.

It, being frozen, was not offering any drinks.
Sammy licked and licked,
chewed and chewed...
seemingly trying to get through the ice to the water beneath it.

I broke the ice and refilled the bowl with fresh water.
Oakley and Annie quickly came for a drink.
Not Sam....no... 
this fellow who had spent the past several minutes trying to get through the ice
had no interest in taking a drink.

You see....
to Sam, it was not about the drink...
but instead, it was about the challenge of trying to get through the ice.

And that is the sum of Sam.
It's always about the challenge.
This old brown dog will sit at the edge of a large field for hours...
awaiting the sight of a groundhog's head popping up out of its burrow...
so that he can give chase, ending up waist-deep inside the ground
until said prey is captured.

It's the adventure...
the fun to be had...
the sights along the way.

And the end?  Doesn't really matter!

The ground that was just two short weeks ago soggy and swollen with rain,
is now rock-hard frozen solid.
Hence, the equines are no longer on drylot arrest.

They spend their early mornings out searching for the hay that I scatter,
and the rest of the time pretending to graze.
The front pasture has slim pickin's this time of year.

But still, the time out provides a little added exercise...
both for mind and for body.

On and off the needles....

I am in love with fingerless mitts.
I wear them when driving...they give me a little warmth, but not too much!


  1. Sam might have adventure in his soul but he has kindness in his eyes. I love his eyes.

  2. I think they are thankful to get back out to the dry lot.
    Nice looking fingerless mitts!

  3. Can you share where you found the patterns for your fingerless mitts?

  4. Oh, Sam....what a character you are. I love the pattern of the red/burgundy mittens. Now that Hubbs has retired, does he join you on your early morning chores?

  5. Oh, fingerless mittens -- a girl after my own heart!

  6. Hubbs is only partially retired. He remains CEO of his practice, so.....his work continues down a different path.

  7. I think I love Sam...what a great adventure every day must be for him!

    I love fingerless too and yours are so gorgeous. The picture above didn't show so not sure what they were. Have a great week.

  8. Love the Sammy story..great insight.. Beautiful fingerless mitts !!! Fun...Sty warm..Enjoyed our walk this AM...

  9. Your blog is very impressive ...

  10. Hi, i'm new to your blog and adventures today! Sam looks like a real sweet dog and I love fingerless mits too (although mine are more simple, I'm still a learning knitter!). I'm looking forward to following your farm...


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