Monday, January 25, 2016

A Record Breaker!

Apparently we had the storm of the century this weekend.
All I know is...
it snowed and snowed and snowed.
And then it snowed some more!

By the time all was said and done,
we had around a foot and a half...more in some spots.

It's no surprise that we spent the weekend shoveling.

And shoveling.

And shoveling.

I had to rescue the donkeys on Saturday in the midst of the snowstorm.
These two gals refused to leave their house...
and they certainly were not about to walk through deep snow.
(donkey photos tomorrow)

As for the horses...
what snow?

It's amazing to me the difference between donkeys and horses...
especially when it comes to weather.

Perhaps donkeys are more evolved than horses...
they've acquired a bit of common sense.

Aside from the back-breaking labor that goes along snow...
it was a spectacularly beautiful weekend.

Saturday morning I found the sheep standing, snow covered in the elements.

I added more hay to their houses,
and they spent the rest of the storm indoors.

Amazingly, the snow that had accumulated on their wool did not melt.
(That's just how insulating that wool is!)
Now that they are all snow-colored, it's hard to tell who is who!

The dogs had an absolute blast running through deep snow.
They played hard and slept well this weekend.

The pigs finally emerged after I shoveled an area for them.
Fresh water given, and they promptly started eating snow!


  1. glad you are all safe, stunning photos, its a shame that mud follows snow when it all thaws :-)

  2. Beautiful . . .
    I hope you get some time to play in it!

  3. Beautiful!
    Glad we're going to the low 70s here in Texas today, however. Looking forward to donkey photos tomorrow.

  4. We had just a few inches less than you and are pretty well dug out now. Your animals all look happy to be out of their dwellings and experiencing winter. Donkeys are just plain funny. xo

  5. Oh boy you did get hammered with snow there ! Then I wont tell you our little bit of snow is melting as our temps are mild and we are getting rain on Wednesday and can see lots of grass again lol No I wont tell you this . BAH ! lol I am glad all are safe and cozy there it does look pretty though . Lovely photos . Have a good day !

  6. Ditto, the shoveling continues!

  7. Ditto, the shoveling continues!

  8. Pigs eat snow? Put them to work on the pathways!

  9. Wow..this is like the storms we had back to back a few years ago. That is 2 years in a row. I feel for you it is a lot of work. BUT..the pictures are fantastic. Enjoy it will warm up and become a mud patch I bet in short order.
    Keep warm!! Love the pictures Bev.

  10. I'm glad that you all are safe!!
    You got some amazing clicks.!! and Thanks for sharing this experience.

  11. how beautiful but lots of work. the sheep crack me up. i bet the dogs loved it. mine is melting like crazy right now.

  12. Our 30 inches + was light and fluffy so not hard to shovel...Went over to Holy Spirit area this AM..Roads plowed and dry..Gotta watch some of the ramps..they don't go in to their own lanes in a lot of places...need to stop at the end...I'm a little concerned about the chance of rain tomorrow..There is already enough weight on these roofs...Beautiful day today..

  13. Hi Beverly,
    What beautiful photos... Well from here anyway. I can't imagine shoveling snow. Hurts my back to think of you doing it . The animals sure seem to enjoy.

  14. That's an incredible amount of snow! It sure looks beautiful, but I'm glad we don't have to deal with that. Alabama would be shut down for weeks. ;-)


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