Monday, December 14, 2015


It always brings a smile to my face
when I see my equines sleeping in their dry lot.

Horses and donkeys take many cat-naps during the day while standing up.
It's only when they feel completely safe and secure that they allow themselves
the pleasure of lying down to sleep.

Because they are a prey species, they are wary and cautious about their sleep habits.
Occasionally I will find 4 out of 5 asleep in the dry lot with one standing sentry
beside them.
For me it's a wonderful vision to behold....knowing that my loves feel safe!

Once I approach the fence, however, their sleep is over...
replaced by a good old fashioned roll on the ground.


Back and forth...

Then once again on their feet to shake all of the dust and dirt from their coat.

We had a wonderful weekend, Hubbs and I.
A visit from Miss Mackenzie and her Daddy on Saturday, two Christmas parties,
and a quiet Sunday at home were the perfect combination.

We awoke on Sunday morning, however, to find that we had no power.

Sadly, this is an all too common occurrence here in the country.
We are well equipped to handle a power outage...
as we had a large generator installed when we built the house.
It keeps the freezers cold, the oven warm, the water pumping,
and supplies us with enough light to take care of business as usual.

Upon arriving at the barn for morning chores, we realized that the house was the only part of the farm affected by the outage.  We had lights in the barn.

Within a short time the power company arrived and discovered that there was a break 
in our underground service to the house.

They bypassed it with a large temporary wire on top of the ground.

And this spool in the front yard.

A permanent fix is coming in January.

Another complication of the weekend was the discovery that one of our two
trail cams...

was cut down from the tree...the strap lying on the ground, the camera gone.

We are guessing that there was a hunter trespassing in our woods...
who discovered the trail camera...which would have then become evidence of his crime.
So... the evidence was destroyed.
Needless to say, I am more than annoyed by this scenario... not to mention we also found a fawn
who had been shot.
See why I hate hunting season?

While we were in the woods, I found this tree...

Fungus fascinates me!


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. Glad the power was restored and that a permanent fix is on the horizon. Have y'all ever considered going solar?

    So sorry to hear about the deer and the camera. How can you keep them off of your property? It sounds dangerous if they are just wandering about.

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

  2. I am foot stomping mad at that hunter!!!! Be careful and be safe! TerriC

  3. You photos are beautiful! Living in a big city like Montreal, Canada, I don't often get to see horses and donkeys, but I do love them! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Oh I cant stand people who do things like that . I hope he gets caught . I love that fungi tree and yes fungi fascinates me to always has . Out here in our little county valley we do pretty good when it comes to the power/hydro the only time we get outages is when there is a big bad storm of some sort and that is only sometimes . Glad you have your power back up and running . Lovely shots of the rolly polly pony . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Grrrrrr . . . do not like the thought if a fawn being shot . . .
    And the camera stealing . . .
    The tree and fungi . . . wow . . . interesting!

  6. There are some rotten people out there... I'm sorry you all had to deal with that and the power outage.

  7. Howdy, I would recommend a camera that feeds to a cloud. So if your camera is stolen, the video is saved and can be views via any chosen device, your phone or computer. Here is the link: And it will only shoot vids if something sets it off. Hope this helps. Also, in the wee small hours before sun rises, you can wait and listen in the woods. Look for tracks in the dew. Take a photo with a ruler or $1 bill. Keep a log of the tracks in your woods. Look for cigarette butts, save in a ziplock back with date and location. You will have to become the hunter of the poacher in your woods. Look for tire tracks/ATV tracks along power lines and roads. Keep a log of photos of the lic plates and the vehicles and the tire tracks. For notifications about who is in your driveway i use the Dakota system. They are disguised as birdhouses. You have multiple zones and are alerted by a transmitter in your home.You can know when a vehicle is headed your way. And the nifty part. you can listen to nearby radio chatter if near your zones.This is a lot of info, but if you have a lot of land, this is how you keep tabs about who is on it and when.

  8. Dear Anonymous....thanks for all of the great info!!!


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