Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Visit With Gracie and the Girls

Afternoon in the sheep yard...

When afternoon chores were finished,
I delivered hay to the sheep for the evening and night.

The weather forecast and the sky both told me that rain was coming,
so I put their hay inside each of their houses.

They immediately went inside to snack.

Meanwhile, Annie and I played ball in the sheep yard.
As luck would have it, the ball rolled right between Hope's legs and ended up in the house.

Annie circled and circled...
unable to find her ball.

There was no way she was going to look inside the house...
not with Faith and Hope inside.
Eventually the sheep left the house and Annie grabbed her ball and 
exited the sheep yard as quick as she could.


  1. I so much enjoy your videos! Informative and up-close...almost like being there! Thank you!

  2. Looks like a big sheep litter box. Funny post. Bobby has a lot of Maine coon qualities I think. He is a sweetie. Happy Tuesday. xoxox

  3. Is Hope the little brown one? I am SO partial to her sweet face and those ears! I love the image of her with hay all over her face. She's too young to shear,isn't she? Her coat is a beautiful color - I would love to see something that you've knitted with it.

  4. Little Brown Sheep is Faith. Hope is white. This spring will be the twins' first shearing. I am so excited!! Perhaps I will have yarn in time to knit for next Christmas.

  5. Thanks for the videos - it is such a delight to visit. Love your farm! Bobby is such a beautiful cat.

  6. Lovely video and photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Maybe the sheep pooping everywhere, including where they eat, happens because they are not exactky the brightest of creatures. They are sweet,just at the bottom of the intellectual ladder & not at the top like the smart equines & the piggies. I loved the video & seeing/hearing some of the animals up close & personal. It's always a pleasure to see Bobby, esp. the way he gets along with all the other animals.

  8. I loved your video in the sheep yard....so fun to watch and see all the action and hear all about what's happening. Love that Bobby kitty too...he reminds me alot of our Tom-Boy, who was a Maine Coon! Thanks for letting us go along with you on your afternoon chores. So fun!


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