Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sammie Through the Years...

One of our farm friends who deserves his own dedicated blog post is Sammie.

As a pup he had unbridled energy...
he ran like the wind and never tired.

From the very beginning we new he would be the perfect farm dog.
He was curious...


and tolerant...


and fearless...

His favorite spot was right in the middle of whatever was happening.

He would sit very still and allow the other animals to smell him.

The perfect work companion who enjoyed napping in the garden...

and adventures in the wild.

Whenever anyone visits, Sam is right by their side.
He especially loves children...

soaking up any attention he can get.

He's the first in line when anything fun is about to happen.

Always gentle with new additions...

He's the neighborhood groundhog hunter and can routinely be seen carrying his
prizes across the farm fields.
The groundhog is underground?
Not a problem, Sam will go right down the hole after it!

Quite often his hunting trips yield deer parts left behind by hunters...
which he lovingly brings home to share...gross!

He's a lover and a fighter...
but most of all, just loves a good time.

And seems to have a uncanny ability to differentiate between which animals are for hunting
and which animals are in his charge.

We've watched him mature over the years...
growing into the strong silent type.

These days he conserves his energy....

riding shotgun in the gator when we head our for chores.
He saves his energy for adventures into the wilds.
I hate when he disappears into the woods,
as he will stay away for hours.
Thankfully, he always returns home... exhausted.

There is a wild streak in this fellow who was originally found as a youngster
wandering the woods of North Carolina...
a wild streak that will remain until the day he is too weak and old to bother.
He's a rare one...this brown dog of unknown origins...
truly a friend who will never be duplicated.
Although all of our dogs are wonderful,
Sam always seems to be the favorite amongst visitors...
most of them wanting to take him home.

But this golden-eyed Poodle-Beagle-Chow-Rottweiler mix is a farm dog through and through.
He needs room to explore and lots of stimulation.
We are as lucky as he is that he landed here at the farm.
And although we kiddingly have dubbed him "Bad Sammy" over the years...
we cannot imagine life without this old brown dog.


  1. He is truly a heart breaker, those eyes and the gentle expression. A wonderful post, I only wish that my Ben would get on with cats, but no I am almost certain that he thinks they are rabbits with long tails.

  2. what a lovely companion to have, you are lucky he chose you, for a moment there I thought it was going to finish on a sad note nice to know he is still enjoying life :-)

  3. I thought a "sad note" was going to happen too . . .
    Happy to hear Sammie is still "charming" everyone . . .

  4. I have always loved his looks. I love how he sits in the gator too. So many adventures in those woods. I wish he knew how to tell you about them!

  5. Truly and wonderful dog . Loved the video and photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. He has only gotten more beautiful through the years. Truly a sweetheart. Lovely tribute to him. Brought a little tear. Enjoy your day. Xxoo

  7. Thank you for this Sammy post! I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this dog I've never met. He just seems to have a sweet soul. You are both fortunate to have found each other. Please give him a hug from me!

  8. Such great pictures, video and story for this handsome, patient guy! I can only hope our two rambunctious 2-yr old dogs turn out as lovely as Sam. Thank you for sharing his story.

  9. He is a very fine dog indeed! Long may he run.

  10. What a good boy, and what a great place for him to have landed.

  11. This is a great tribute to Sammy..a lucky dog! I am happy that this blog ended on a happy note! Ann

  12. Oh, my. I wish I could meet Sammie..such a special dog and as you know you are blessed to have him. Dogs are such a gift! Thanks for sharing him with us in beautiful pictures :)

  13. Those kinds of dogs are such a blessing as they enrich our lives beyond measure. They bring joy, companionship and so much love. He is such a handsome guy, those lovely eyes of his remind me so very much of our German Shepherd/Lab cross we had years ago. Susie.
    Thanks for sharing him with us.

  14. Thank you for this lovely post about your Sammie- he is a beautiful boy! Loved the video too. And wonderful photos of him and his friends.

  15. hi beverly..hugs and love to all the farm friends...take care...sally

  16. An American in TokyoNovember 19, 2015 at 7:04 PM

    Aww, Sammy!
    What a wonderful life you have and a wonderful place to live!

  17. Aww, he's a good one your Sammy. :-)

  18. awwww...what a baby!!! what part is chow? the killing part? the not listening part?

  19. Whew. I was waiting for you to tell us you'd lost him. So glad he's still around to bring a smile to every face. What a sweet tribute to a wonderful animal. Thank you!

  20. Add me to the list who thought this was going to end very sad. Think it was the past tense verbs that got me. I kept reading but my heart was in my throat most of the way.

  21. Awh...what a great boy!! He sure is a keeper!!

    Enjoy and have a great weekend, Janie

  22. I love Sammy - what a great tribute.


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