Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Rainy Day Chores

With the exception of feeding times,
I stayed in the house most of yesterday.
It rained every single minute of the day... non-stop.

By afternoon, the equines, sheep, turkeys and chickens were all quite bedraggled.
The goats....dry as can be.
Goats don't venture out on rainy days.
Goats have sense!

Why don't you come along to the barn while I feed the horses.
Don't worry.... I'll do the rest of the chores by myself... so you don't get wet!


  1. I love it when you take us along! More please! Rained here in western Pa also, so I got some quilting done.

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  3. I like being " taken along" too!

  4. Thanks for the ride, I love seeing the process....lots of work for you but I know you love it.

  5. i have always loved the sound of animals munching on hay.

  6. Ah, I can almost smell the hay! Love the sound of them munching peacefully. Patty/NS

  7. Thanks for the tutorial about feeding time and taking us along..Nice video..Beautiful day today...Enjoy!!!xxoo

  8. non stop rain for 7 days here and more to come, eveyone is wet on the homestead, love your video :-)

  9. Thanks for taking us along whilst you feed the horses and donkeys . It was rainy yesterday and sunny to day an now they say rain for tomorrow and Friday but that is better then the snow some are getting . Thanks for popping by have a good day !

  10. Love this video. Love following along with you while you do your farm chores.



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