Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Friday already!
After a rainy Thursday, it has cleared and we are headed for much colder temperatures
this weekend...maybe even a little snow flurry activity.

Brrrrrr...thank goodness we have lots of firewood.
Our post-tree-cutting projects are nearing completion.
All of the wood is neatly stacked in this line leading through the woods to the picnic pavilion,

and on our main wood pile behind our farmhouse.
We are slowly finishing up the wood chipping.

However, no outside work was done yesterday.
We all sought shelter for the day as it rained cats and dogs.

By late afternoon the sky cleared

 and everyone emerged ready to eat.

After making sure that everyone had fresh feed
(rainwater took care of all the watering tubs!)...
I headed home to try a new recipe.

photo courtesy of

made for a hearty (and super easy) dinner for a grey, soggy day.
This recipe is seriously good!

It won't be long before salad will be harvested from the greenhouse.
The seedlings are all happily growing.

Sugar peas....


Radishes and kale...

It's nice to still witness the emergence of new life as our temperatures begin to plummet...
not to mention having home grown greens to supplement our meals.

We have a very quiet weekend planned here...
with a possible visit from Tyler and his Mommy and Daddy.

Whatever your weekend holds for you....
I hope it's a good one!


  1. the rain mostly missed us. i just made a ton of this soup for the after school kids last week and they loved it! have a fun weekend! i love your wood piles!

  2. We got our first snow yesterday -- so late in the year for winter in Canada!

  3. Great job with the wood..We had mostly drizzle yesterday with a couple of short downpours..That soup looks wonderful..Yum..Happy Friday

  4. Mixed precipitation for us this weekend and it is getting cold to ! Our warm spell is done BOOHOO ! Lovely photos , that soup looks and sounds YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  5. Amazing first shot . .
    Love the wood stacked path . . .
    I always enjoy visiting . . .
    (Now I will go back and copy the recipe!)


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