Monday, November 30, 2015

I Am More Thankful After Thanksgiving Than I Was Before!

Thanksgiving continues to be my favorite holiday...
it's just one that never disappoints.
And this year was no exception!

After three days of baking and cooking, we had a feast.
There were 13 around our table this year...4 generations!

I will attest to the fact that roasted Cinderella pumpkins are superb for baking projects,
as ours became pumpkin pie, whoopee pies, and pumpkin spice donuts.
Mmmmm - mmmm!

We brined and smoked a turkey this year...
it was out best turkey ever!
With that we had stuffing and lots of veggie side dishes.

I made these little burlap pockets for our silverware.

Sixty degree weather brought us outdoors for an after dinner walk.
We headed out for a family portrait on the pirate ship...

From left to right....  Muppy, Grammie, Ryan, 5 yr. old Tyler, his Mommy- Jenn and Daddy- Bryan, Baby Mackenzie,
her Mommy- Ashley and her Daddy- Andy, and the newlyweds Tim and Amanda.
We stopped to visit with Ginger and MaryAnn...

And then spent some time playing in Hubbs' home-made batting cage in the indoor arena.

We tried to get some holiday photos and learned that this is an activity for earlier in the day
when cooperation is at a peak.

But still, it's always nice to catch a photo of these two together!

Rare to be caught in photos is Ryan, Amanda's twin.
He lives in North Carolina and usually only makes it home a few times a year.
It was his first time to meet Mackenzie.

He and Tyler spent a little quality time playing a dinosaur video game together.

Scenes like that just melt my heart!

Thanksgiving is now just a warm and wonderful memory,
and we are back to the ebb and flow of daily life on the farm.
We always feel a touch of nostalgia when a holiday is over...
but I have to say, having all of our critters to care for makes that nostalgia short-lived!

To all my wonderful family...
thank you for making my day perfect.
Just spending it with all of you makes it the best ever!

I don't know about you, but I am having a hard time believing that tomorrow is the first of December!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I love you little decorating pretty. Glad you got to see your son this time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your special day. It's so hard to comment on just one thing as it all looks so wonderful. Not one thing is more important than the other so I choose to tell you that I really really like your fruit and cheese display and what it's displayed on.

  3. So glad to have been able to share your Thanksgiving. It was a perfect day made more perfect by family and all your hard work. I am very thankful for those moments. Yes, December already. Have a wonderful week.xxoo

  4. Loved seeing your photos and hearing about your Thanksgiving . . .
    Thanksgiving is really the most wonderful holiday . . .
    Warmth, love, family, true, thankfulness . . .

  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you all had...look at all those sweet and happy faces. Family is really what makes a holiday special, isn't it? I look at a couple of our friends that opted NOT to have children and now, at this age, their lives are so different from ours. They celebrate with other families as they no longer have families of their own left alive...and no "next generation" to spend time with. Kind of puts a lump in my throat and makes me all the more thankful for the family I have. xo Diana

  6. What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend you had. Nothing better then family. Enjoy all the festivities as you prepare for the up coming holiday!

  7. looks like an absolutely wonderful time! omg...dec. 1st!!!!! so much to do, so little time!

  8. What a beautiful family. So glad everyone was able to be there. The holidays are fast approaching-too fast! ;0D

  9. Lovely post photos and family and the food looks YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Hugz Hugz Hugz and now... HOHOHO!

    oh and I luv the little burlap pockets w/the stamped oak leaf on them.

    miss ya my dear friend.


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