Thursday, October 29, 2015

Walking On The Wet And Wild Side

Yesterday's rain was too wild and crazy for my camera.
So, instead, I drove over to the woods and removed the memory cards from the game cameras.
I thought today we could have a look at who passed through the woods this past week.

It wouldn't be a normal week without this fellow...

I don't know about you, but these coyotes seem a little wolf-like to me.

There are no wolves in this area of the country... and truly I believe it...
however these coyotes seem rather large and fluffy!
I guess we just have healthy coyotes.

 I am sure that this critter (opossum) is the most numerous in the woods...
them and rabbits...oh, and squirrels, too.

A ferrel cat...

No bear this cannot be greedy, right?
Never a week goes by without a ton of deer photos.
This week's are lovely.

Does (2 and a youngster)...

A buck...

another doe...

Our two game cameras were the best addition to our audio/visual tools.
It's always great fun to see who is traipsing around the woods while we are sleeping!

Luckily the sun returns today....
so the camera comes out of hiding!


  1. Maybe it is an Eastern Coyote.

  2. it's a whole other world out there in your woods!

  3. It's always fun to see these shots taken in your woods! We have rain here for the day (last couple of days, too) and it is spitting snow around us (just not by the bay)...crazy- I am NOT ready for winter yet. xo Diana

  4. Maybe a hybrid? There are large Eastern Coyotes..They are supposed to have some wolf in them..Thanks for the walk in the woods..

  5. Nice shots ! They could be Coywolves which is a hybrid of half wolf half coyote they are every where now a days and they aren't afraid of humans either . The Nature of Things TV program had a series all about these hybrid Coywolves and said they have been about for at least 10 years or more ! We have them here in Canada and they have been spotted in the different parts of the states ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. I'm going to have to buy one of those cameras. We only have 9 acres now, since we moved across the river. I miss having all the woods we used to have but my hubby doesn't miss the brush hogging, at all. Love your photos!

  7. Hi Beverly,
    I really enjoy the night shots into the woods... Question... The photo with all the deer.. Are those dear way back in the woods also? Hard for me to tell. Great post.
    And thank you so much for visiting, and leaving such a kind note.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Hi Penny...
    The photo that has the three deer has just the three as far as I can tell....the dark spots in the woods are logs, I believe. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is lurking in the distance. If the pictures were in color it would be much easier. Thanks for coming for a visit!


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