Thursday, October 22, 2015


A few words about yesterday's post...

Although Red has been a stellar student, I have to tell you
that we have miles to go before he is done.
We have much work to do with steering.
He's learning....and it's a process....but I couldn't be happier with his progress thus far.
I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday, being Wednesday, was my day off.
But as most "days off" go, I'm busier than my day on!
I spent a little time with this little fairy...

(oh my goodness, will someone slow her down....she's growing up too fast!!)

and then worked (using my nursing skills) for a few hours in the afternoon.

As with any day away from the farm,
upon returning home I feel the need to spend a little time with my animals.
So, still in my scrubs, I headed out to the pig pen.
Bobby came along as he often does...

Ginger and MaryAnn always come running when they hear me.

For a moment I was covered in pigs and cat.

MaryAnn quickly flopped over on her side for a little belly rubbing,
and Ginger sauntered off to graze a little.

I love mixing things up a little between species,

so I lifted Bobby onto napping MaryAnn.

Bobby quickly settled in and got comfortable...
piggy back style!

After a tiny cat nap, he set about massaging MaryAnn with his paws.

Do you see how MaryAnn is smiling??

This whole interaction lasted at least 10 minutes...
neither of them bothered by the other in the least.
I truly believe they both enjoyed it.

And then Bobby started giving himself a bath.

A bath on a pig!  Really, Bobby?
Have you any idea how silly that sounds?


  1. So funny! It looks like beautiful weather there. Glad it warmed up a bit.

  2. Very cute . Lovely photos and video . Oh so your a nurse to ? I never knew that . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Love it! Cute picture of the little fairy...

  4. OMGosh- Those pictures of Bobby on the pig are just priceless!!! They are too too too funny!!!! I hear you- your "day off" isn't really a day off at all, is it? lol Bet you were glad to get home and see your babies. xo Diana

  5. It is so nice to see how your animals are getting along. You guys are doing a marvelous job at your farm raising them! Good job Red, pulling the cart!!

  6. Watching the video, I think I am more relaxed also!

  7. One of the cutest scenes from your farm, ever!

  8. who stole the fairy baby and replaced her with a kid? jeeze she is growing fast!


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