Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Good Day Is A Mix Of Work And Play

Great weather continues...
and so does the outside work!

I've been working on cleaning out the vegetable garden.

It's amazing how quickly weeds take over once the vegetables are done.
At some point this summer I stopped weeding.
(Yikes... that was a mistake!)
So, I have a few weeks of work to get the garden beds ready for winter.
I will do a little each day until it is done.

Most everything in the garden is now dead,
with the exception of these gourd vines.

They just keep growing and spreading and making new gourds!
The early gourds are now huge, hidden here beneath the asparagus.

I swear if winter never came the entire garden might be covered in birdhouse gourds!

All work and no play makes for a very long day.
That's why I spend a little time each day just sitting with my friends.

Afternoons are quiet in the pig yard and the sheep yard.
It seems that in both places afternoons are made for napping.

I quietly sit beside the sheep and listened to the sound of their breathing.
Sheep are the most peaceful creatures,
and my presence doesn't seem to bother them in the least.

I imagine another time, long ago, when I might have been a shepherdess...
tending to my flock in a meadow on the side of a mountain.
And then I remember that in those days I would have had to worry about wolves.

Luckily, my girls live a predator-free life without fear.
Their world is as peaceful as they make mine.

I find myself wishing that this were the case for the whole world...
peaceful co-exsistence.
But alas.....


  1. All we can do is try to create as much peace in our hearts as we can, and send it off...Enjoy your day.

  2. Love the last picture and your comment. The good thing about weeding this time of year is you can just pull everything. Have a wonderful day.xxoo

  3. Yes---I wish we could all leave peacefully, too, like the animals do there. I will say that the work on a farm is never done..and growing up on a farm means that you learn that work ethic. I still, at this age and after all these years of being away from the farm, feel guilty if I am not doing something. lol
    Beautiful pictures, Bev(erly)! xo Diana

  4. Yes me to wish the world could live peacefully ! Lovely photos . It is foggy and chilly here this morning , I am almost done my garden clean up but have to do it in between the weathers ups and downs this year . . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Oh yes . . . "Peaceful Co-Existance" . . . let us each do our part . . .

  6. MaryAnn and Ginger look so contented... How could they be anything else.. You have given them and all your animals such a wonderful place to live.. I can't tell you how much I love your sheep...
    Great post Beverly... I cannot remember if I had left a comment today, so if I did, pardon...
    Thank you so much for visiting. Your kind words are always such a joy.

  7. I was just educated on sheep thank you. I adore sheep.

    When we had roosters and chickens. We wondered why the foxes went in.

    Then the fox was fighting our dog. Not sure if my dog got bitten. So silly me phoned the authorities. We had a choice of putting up a high fence or six hundred dollars for the government to hold our dog for 6 months in quarantine.

    I said. My dog had her rabies shot. Sorry . That is not going to be prove that the fox didn't give her rabies. So for those long months my dog was quarantine. Only one person was to feed our dog. My one son wanted too.
    So living in the country means nothing if you get your dog or dog rabbi shots. No madame.

    I swore I would never tell the authorities my dog got in a fight with a wolve or a fox. My dog was tied up at the time the fox went into the chickens. Then I looked out the window and seen the fox grabbing our dog in the neck. I was scared.

  8. it's been so wonderful to watch as your beautiful lambies have grown this summer and fall. the regular updates are a joy. -- suz in ohio


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