Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What A Difference A Day Can Make!

It's hard to believe that this damp, bedraggled boy 
is the very same little red horse who wore his bridle and harness so proudly yesterday.

Goodness, Red!

It's been raining here for the past day and a half,
and the horses are looking wet and filthy.

Rain doesn't seem to bother them in the least.

And, of course, wet hair makes dirt stick all the better...
so, the horses are all a mess.

It seems that everyone else has the better sense to stay in while it rains...

only venturing out when it slows down a bit...

to grab a bite to eat.

Notice our trees are starting to change color.

Tell me, when you look at Red's snout...
don't his nostrils look like little round mouse ears on top of a mouse head?
Do you see it?

Well, the rain has temporarily delayed Red's schooling.
I have been staying indoors and catching up on knitting...
making this little baby pumpkin hat for Halloween...

and tiny hair bows for a certain baby girl.

We need the rain, and goodness knows I have enough to keep me busy indoors for a few days!


  1. YES on the mouse ears on the nose! Smiling . . .
    Cute pumpkin hat
    Aren't you having fun . . .

  2. red does have a mouse for a nose! 2 critters in one! i saw a hat just like that at the fair on saturday and told brendan and thais that if they had a baby i could buy that hat! hint hint.

  3. Aww, the pumpkin hat is just adorable! Can't wait to see a certain little fairy model it for us. :-)

  4. Oh,Beverly, be careful what you wish (regarding the rain, that is ...)

    Folks in our area were wishing for rain, too, and it came last Thursday, and hasn't let up! We're now getting some flood warnings along the coastal and sound regions, and may be a walloping five to NINE inches by the end of the weekend (partly courtesy of TS Joaquin)!

    Red is such a cutie, whether dry and groomed, or wet and muddy :) Glad to hear that his cart-pulling training is going so well!


  5. Mouse snout for sure!! I knit a hat like that a few years back. It was such a fun little project to work on. We are getting rain by the buckets. The dogs don't dilly dally too long when they go out to do their business and the chicken don't venture out in their run.

  6. Yes, I see Mickey!! His muzzle looks like a camels...The pumpkin hat is adorable..Great bows as well.. Mollie and the horses don't know enough to come in out of the rain!!.I don't either , I guess..I threw a little grass seed around this morning..Enjoy your day..working??

  7. We just finished with rain now we are chilly windy and sunny fresh fall air has arrived here now and the temps are dipping down more at night to . Reds nose does look like a mouse with little ears lol ! I thought you had an indoor arena to train Red in . Cute pumpkin hat and bows . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. I have hesitated about using the indoor arena with the cart. The footing in there is sand and I worry that it is a little on the deep side for such a little horse.....But that is certainly an idea I might try at some point. I really want to get Red used to working in the woods and around our acreage so that he is used to all sorts of "scary" stuff.


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