Monday, September 14, 2015

The Rhythm of Life... In The Company of Dogs

There's a comfort to the rhythm of life...
the daily sun-up-sun-down rhythm.

We live our life on the farm in tune with the rhythm of life.

So, it's never surprising that our friends understand that rhythm as well.
This past weekend we experienced the rhythm of the tides...

spending Friday thru Sunday at the Chesapeake home of our friends...
appropriately dubbed "Labs and Crabs"!

We take a yearly sojourn here to spend a few days
eating well, drinking wine, playing games, conversing, kayaking, boating,
paddle boarding and most of all laughing...
with the very best of friends and their canine companions.

Since the weekend was spent away from the farm,
I have no farm animal stories for you.
But instead, will feature Roxy and Lola...
two young, enthusiastic water dogs who entertained us on our "getaway".

This series of photos needs no captions....

To me there is nothing better than the obvious joy
on the face of a well-loved dog!


  1. How right you are Bev!
    Have a great time.

  2. And they will play "wait for the toss" for hours!


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