Thursday, September 17, 2015


There is much to be done on the farm...
and much of it is not getting done.

And the thing about this is...
it's all ok.

You see, there are some things that just cannot wait...
and some things that can.

The house will eventually be clean, the laundry done, the animal yards mowed...
it all will be done in time.
But not now.
No... now is the time for cuddling and cooing, rocking and walking,
singing and shushing.

Babies grow up in the blink of an eye.
It was just yesterday when my babies were just that,
and now they are parents...
and for the life of me I don't know how that happened so quickly.

So, with these little ones... these tiny babes...
I will take every opportunity to enjoy each precious moment.

Work can wait...
today there are things that are much more important!

Miss Mackenzie and her Mommy (and her puppy Sam) have spent the past three days
at the farm with Grammie and Muppy.
This morning they are heading for home....
and Grammie will get back to work.


  1. i am going to take this advice to heart when the time comes for me. life goes by so quickly. she is adorable!

  2. You are so RIGHT! All of that can wait while you enjoy and bond with your precious pink fairy. She's lovely! TerriC

  3. Bev,
    This is so true. Enjoy the time you have. One
    will never know how important it is until you have missed
    I see this everyday. I do foster care for 6 siblings. When I
    rock them to sleep or tuck them in at night I shed tears
    for their parents. They are missing all the joys of these
    special moments with their kids. All too soon they will
    be grown and having children of their own.

    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Dawn....I am thankful for people like you who take the time to love the ones who need it most!

  5. I never had babies. I wanted them, but it was not in the cards for me. How I adore these sweet pictures! Enjoy it all!

  6. hi very attentive miss sweetpea is to her surroundings...and her hair is growing...and your animal family is likewise fascinated...hugs to all...sally

  7. Thanks for sharing. My Grandbabies are all grown up. One 17 the youngest now and then 20 and 24. Six all grown up. Two of each grown up from my married adults.

    Your right. Enjoy as they grow before your eyes like mine have.

    Beautiful GrandBaby you have Grammie.

    My daughter had written something on face book. How time flies and each year my oldest Grandchild goes off to University. Those tears start again . Oh how Mothers must miss them as they adventure away from the home for a year.

  8. when we have family visiting I make sure I am organised so I can spend time with them, my grankids are growing up so fast every moment spent with them is precious, you cant get the time back :-)

  9. Wonderful photos , That you are right they do grow up fast and time with all of them is time worth having . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. What a sweet post. I love that new baby you've got and your precious pictures of her. Love your farm animals too....especially that brown lamb with a darling face! The young lambs seem to have such sweet faces compared to mama ....will they eventually get dark in the face like their mother? Love your blog!

  11. Best days ever . . .
    I hope you can enjoy more of the same very soon.
    Sweet precious little one . . .


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