Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moments From Summer's End

Although the season has yet to change...
which is quite evident with the current heat wave in which we seem to be stuck...
summer is over.

Community pools are closed, school is in session...
and around the farm summer's frenzy is slowing down.

Apples hang ripe on our craggy apple trees...

The last of the cabbage has been harvested and shredded into a crock to ferment...
another batch of homemade sauerkraut for the coming winter...

The tomatoes are all but finished.
Although I wish I had fresh homegrown tomatoes to eat throughout the entire year,
I have to say that I have sauced until I can sauce no more!
The pepper plants continue to produce...
so there will be no shortage of hot pepper relish this year!

Our weekend was one of moments...
sweet moments holding precious Mackenzie, now 4 weeks old...
cuddly and perfect.

And adventurous moments with the apple of my eye.
Tyler spent Friday and Saturday at the farm.

Tyler:  "Grammie, can we take a walk in the deepest, darkest woods?"

Grammie:  "Sure, Tyler."

Tyler:  "Ok, I'll walk on this side of the path because it's the spooky side, and I'm spooky."
"You walk on the other side of the path, because it's the cute side."

Be still my heart.
I love this boy.
To the moon and back.

Becky had a big picnic in our pavilion on Sunday... a birthday party.
We attended.
So did the turkeys.

And on Monday, we relaxed (relatively).

I spent some time in the sheep pen, lying on my stomach...
just enjoying the peace and quiet...

ruminating over this....


And in case you've wondered if I have been knitting...
here is what I have been doing...

And last but not least...something very curious.
I have been watching this plant for the past month and a half...

it is growing out of the back of my gator's hitch.
There must be just enough biological material there for it to survive...
and it has even grown those long tendrils which reach up to the bed of the gator.
It just goes to show that "Where there's a way....life will find it!"


  1. omg...the hats are too perfect. they will be so cute on mackenzie. those turkeys sure are party birds! i am saucing again this morning. will it ever end? my peppers are still producing like crazy. this is the best pepper year i have ever had. and mores stinking hot weather. i have had it with summer!

  2. Four weeks already!!! Won't be long and she will be going with you and Tyler in the deep dark woods.
    Love the hats.
    You really do know how to enjoy the peace and quiet.

  3. Oh my goodness, those little hats are so precious!! So, so cute!

  4. Wonderful photos and video . Oh my those little hats are soo cute . The summer is slowly winding down here to all though the humidity wont leave us just yet but that is normal for us here in Ontario Canada . The kiddos are back to school today as the bus passed our house early this morning . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  5. Hi Bev,
    Mackenzie...Be still my heart... She is adorable! And Tyler. She says the sweetest things... That comment was priceless..
    Have a great week.

  6. enjoy, enjoy enjoy....


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