Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This...

We have entered one of my favorite times of year.
And although the calendar says it's still summer,
it feels like autumn and is beginning to look like it, too.

 Yesterday morning it was 51 degrees when I went out for morning chores.
The high for the afternoon reached 77...with a pretty good breeze that made it feel much lower.
I had energy to burn, and so when the barn work was complete and the large pile
of ironing that had been accumulating was finished...
I headed out for a long country walk.

With goldenrod in full bloom,

and tall corn blowing in the breeze,

it's ears hanging dry on the stalk,

I walked a 3 ½ mile loop on the roads surrounding the farm.

There's nothing more invigorating than a cool autumn wind blowing
fresh country air up one's nostrils.
I enjoyed every step I took!

Once home, I cleaned out the refrigerator and found a little leftover watermelon
that I thought some of the animals might enjoy.
Some did.
Some didn't.
(Take note while watching this video how beautiful the day was.)


  1. Beautiful blue sky . . . Aren't days like these just plain PERFECT!
    It looked like the piggies enjoyed the watermelon the most and the donkey's maybe "not so much!"

  2. Yes indeed! It was a beautiful weekend. Did a lot outside. It's amazing how much better I feel when it's cool. Molly too! Watch thosefingers lady.... Going to get warmer towards the end of the week Summer just won't give up! Enjoy your day.

  3. What a perfect day! Ginger and Maryann sound just like pigs when they eat, lol.
    That blue sky was just perfect. Seeing that you had on long sleeves even made the day appear more enjoyable.

  4. Was the corn as high as an elephant's eye?

  5. What are the little dangly flappy things hanging down behind the pigs' ears? It was a beautiful day. I was at work. Last week when I was off it rained nonstop!

  6. Yes, the corn is definitely as high as an elephant's eye....maybe even higher!! Jo....those little dangly things are called tassels....and in the Kunekune world, they are a mark of beauty...especially if one has two of them!!

  7. haha....paul was in the other room when i played the video and when you yelled....pig pig pig.. he walked into the room and asked if i was calling him. the poor buggars hearing is going! moonbeam sure loves watermelon!

  8. What a gorgeous day! Moonbeam certainly enjoyed his fill!


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