Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Fall Y'All!

The sheep yard is a very happy place these days.
Cooler temperatures make for more pleasant days 
when you are blessed (or cursed) with a permanent wool coat!

You would not believe how much wool these gals have accumulated this summer.
I can hardly wait to see how much wool we will get next spring
when we shear them.

I have to say, the sheep yard is the most peaceful area of the farm...always.
These three girls are so very sweet and easy to manage.

Gracie has completely weaned the twins now,
and she no longer carries any extra baggage around with her.

The three of them spend all of their time together...
the twins following their mom wherever she goes.

Gracie is very patient and doesn't even get upset when Hope stands on her back 
to reach higher in the brush.

The twins have changed so much over the summer.

Faith, from this...

To this....

And Hope, from this...

To this...

Why is it that babies have to grow up so quickly?
And why is it that these three have to be so dirty?
I have to fight off the desire to bathe them weekly!

It looks as if each of the three will have different color markings in the end.
I don't believe that Hope will develop the black face and legs of her mother,
but rather will be "white" and tan instead.

It looks, instead, like Faith has inherited that particular trait...
her black legs and nose and ears are striking with her beautiful brown coat.

I just received a message from Amy at Verde Farms (where Ginger and MaryAnn were born).
She has four little girls (not yet weaned) who will soon need a new home.
Be still my heart!

It seems like just yesterday Ginger and MaryAnn were this size!
Weren't they the cutest?
Not much bigger than Leo!

Ahhhh, babies...I can just never get enough!


  1. Your little tan sheep is the same colour as a few of my Alpacas, I have found the tan coloured ones get bothered less by flies than the white ones :-)

  2. My they grow up fast don't they ? . lovely photos , Happy Fall to you all there to !

  3. Are yes, life's cycle. We start out cute ....I guess I'll stop there! Cute post .....nice pictures ....happy fall to you too. Xoxoxo

  4. Last sentence says it . . .
    "Ah babies, I cam't get enough!"

  5. My three month old pug wants to come and live at Bee Haven until she matures - ok? She is driving me crazy!!!! She was crated alongside of a tiny pig for a few days and now thinks that she is a pig - imitating the snorts and sounds!

  6. Oh my, have they changed! I sense some new additions to the farm...

    Happy Autumn!

  7. An American in TokyoSeptember 23, 2015 at 11:53 PM

    Love the babies! I wish they would stay small and cute forever!

  8. And a happy, wonderful Fall to you too!
    (And thank you for all of your beautiful and heartwarming posts!)


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