Monday, July 6, 2015

It Was Another Chilly 4th of July!

I took a day off!
Yes, I took Friday off from blogging...
and it was totally unplanned.

Hubbs was off work on Friday which totally threw me off.
So, I thought that Thursday was Friday....and so on.

How can I describe our Fourth of July holiday?
In one word....SOGGY!

After rain, rain, rain, the sun finally showed its face late afternoon on Sunday.
The precipitation didn't really affect our weekend...
we took things nice and easy...besides doing the usual farm chores,
we harvested veggies from the garden and picked the blueberries.

I'll be doing something with these today!

I had enough time to start and work on a new knitting project...

After finishing the wedding, I needed a new project to satisfy the creative side of me.

Around the farm this weekend?
We've started feeding the pond fish a pelleted feed.

In the past we bought lots of minnows as feeder fish.
I wasn't sure if there were any minnows left, so we bought some pelleted feed instead.
It's been a blast to see who comes to eat each day.

So far, there are 10 huge koi, 1 big ole' catfish, 
(seen at the very right of the following picture with his mouth open)
and a whole bunch of smaller striped fish who dart up to the surface to grab a bite.

We took a trip into the woods on Sunday to get the game camera memory cards.
Among the best of the photos were these:

A couple of raccoons.

The bucks are growing their antlers once again.

And this doe has two spotted fawns...twins!

We've moved the cameras to the pond this week
to see who visits when we are not there.
I'll post those photos this coming Saturday.

While we were in the woods, the dogs had a blast running through the trees, fields, and underbrush.

In an attempt to cool himself, Oakley rolled in a mud puddle.

In need of a rinsing, we led him to his favorite swimming hole.
Even though he is part Lab, he has no interest in actually swimming,
but prefers to just dunk himself.

Here's his usual routine....


  1. Sounds like you made the best of a soggy weekend. Sure missed you on Friday and glad you are back! I was just wondering the other day when you would be picking your knitting back up.....what are you knitting?

  2. hahaha...oakley should be called duncan! it rained here saturday morning and then turned sunny and was 77. a perfect 4th for people that like that weather. today we have a wall of humidity and it is awful.

  3. An American in TokyoJuly 6, 2015 at 8:51 AM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And the DIY doggie wash is great! ha ha!

  4. What kind of a labrador doesn't like swimming? *shakes head sadly*

  5. We only had rain until around 2 on Sat..It was a nice, gentle rain though...Now we are left with "the mugs"..I'm beginning to feel like a mushroom...Love the pond pics and Oakies spa routine...Great colors in your new project...Have a perfect week..xxoo

  6. I'll bet he was cool in no time! Your knitting looks wonderful.

  7. Hi Bev,
    I wish you could have sent me that rain..
    Your blueberries looks so good! What are you knitting? the colors look just like the blanket I knitted years ago for my beloved. Beautiful post.


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