Friday, July 10, 2015


Yesterday afternoon, as I worked around the farm doing afternoon chores,
the sky looked like this.
Our sunny, humid weather of the morning had built up enough cloud formations
to make a thunderstorm.

This summer, storms are a daily occurrence.
I cannot tell you how much rain we have had, but we have inches at a time.
The ground has been soggy for a month, at least!

I worry each year when I plant the pumpkin patch...

that this year houses my tomato crop as well...

that I will have to carry buckets of water to that remote garden for watering.
Happily, I have not had to water it but once this summer.
Tomatoes are ripening daily.
And the pumpkin vines are full of pumpkins.
However, with all of this precipitation, there is a good chance that the vines may rot.
(With gardening, it's always something!)

So, as the storm clouds were gathering, I sat in the grass watching the goats eating their dinner...

in the company of a couple freeloaders...

the guineas, taking their dust baths in the mulch pile....

and a couple of lurking turkeys...


Fearing that my camera might not survive any more brutal attacks,
(I think Tom may have been seeing himself in the lens)
I stood up and prepared to walk away.

The turkeys had another idea, however.
With testosterone coursing through their veins, they both got a little riled up.

I could tell by their posturing that I was in for an old fashioned turkey flogging
(something I had never experienced).

Deciding to take matter into my own hands and turn the tide on this particular situation,
I flapped my "wings"....
determined to take the upper hand.
"I'm the Big Bird!" I said several times, flapping my arms like wings.
I stood my ground and refused to show any fear.
"I AM the BIG bird," I said again.
And just as quickly as it had started, Tom's little display of aggression ended and he retreated.

Whew!  Crisis over.
I had once again assumed my position as Alpha Bird in this flock....
a position I am determined to keep.

Face it, boys...
I AM the BIG BIRD!!!

This big bird will be heading to the pond today to grab the
trail cameras.
Check back tomorrow to see who has visited in the past week....
in our
Walk on the Wild Side.
And.... have a spectacular weekend!


  1. too funny! those turkeys better remember not to bite the hand that feeds them! i have pumpkin envy. not one single pumpkin set for me.

  2. I think I would of been in trouble because I wouldn't of hung around being " THE BIG BIRD"!!! Have a great weekend.

  3. Ha! What a great video.choreographed to the music yet.Great job. Your pumpkins are looking wonderfull. We've been on the edge or totally missed the rains but we've had enough that I have only had to water the pots. Happy Friday!

  4. Odd that they've never challenged you before. I'm glad you were able to help them remember that you are the Big Bird. :)

  5. You make me SMILE Alpha Big Bird . . .

  6. You just make me laugh, Bev! BIG BIRD! What a great video!

  7. Thanks for a good chuckle Big Bird.

  8. When we have a rainy year here, I find that putting a flake of straw under the pumpkin fruits can help with rotting issues. It seems to lift them enough that the vine lifts a little as well, really helping with that rotting issue. If your daily rains persist, you might want to give that a go--good luck! :)

  9. Now that was pretty funny! Shades of Jurassic World at your farm!

  10. I call that arm flapping, puffed up chest postering my crazy woman act!

  11. Love the music and sound effects. LOL Crazy birds!

  12. Turkey video was grrreat!! LOL


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