Thursday, June 11, 2015

The List is Getting Smaller!

Yesterday was spent outside...
mowing, weeding, mulching...
a marathon garden clean-up was done.
The project is nearing completion and I will share photos when it is finished.

By the end of yesterday, exhaustion had overtaken me.
I had a brief respite from work when some friends stopped by for a visit.
They arrived in time to walk the lambs back to the barn.

Ritz crackers were given...
the pigs loudly requesting some for themselves...

Even Ginger loves Ritz now.
I don't believe there is anyone on the farm who doesn't love a snack of Ritz!

We sat and visited in the pavilion while the turkeys blathered on and on about their day.

Hubbs decided to usher them back to their home so that we could have a little peace and quiet.

Not to be outdone, and as if on cue, the guineas came running toward the gazebo
squawking and squawking.

Obviously, no peace and quiet was going to be had on this particular evening!

We weren't about to let a few raucous avians get the best of us...
no, we enjoyed the chance to just sit for a bit.
(something that rarely happens of late!)

I hope to finish the garden spruce-up tonight and share a few photos tomorrow.
Oh, I have so much I want to share with you....
but for now, no sneak peaks!

Hope to see you tomorrow!!


  1. i can't wait to see everything! this is so exciting!

  2. I just love your turks.....and all the other wild and crazies running around your house, gazebo and yard, filling you in on their day! How blessed you are....even if it is noisy! Can't wait to see all the fancy things for that wedding coming up.

  3. Great post, Bev! Can't wait to see everything... Weddings are so exciting!
    I do believe that is the sweetest lamb face ever!


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