Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy Weekend Fun

A gift of 3 inches of rain this weekend gave me the opportunity to
tackle some indoor activities that are on my "to do" list.
We will be having 50+ young adults camping on the farm after the wedding,
so I decided that homemade pecan sticky buns would be a fun breakfast
to serve everyone the next morning.

So, Saturday the flour was flying as we finished 6 delicious pans of
pecan sticky buns (the goo and the nuts are beneath the cinnamon rolls.)
I have concocted a recipe that is a combination of three different recipes.
It is a sweet yeast dough that is spread with a butter/cinnamon/nut mix
then rolled into a log, cut into pinwheels, and baked atop a gooey caramelized nutty mixture.

(These are over-the-top delicious!)
I have three more pans to make.
We also made 40 pizza crusts and have another 40 to go.

Rain is a wonderful cuts the outdoor work in half...not having the watering to do!
And although it makes the grass and the weeds grow...
it also plumps up the fruit, helping to make an excellent fruit harvest!

There are two little gals on the farm who don't know enough to get in out of the rain,
and spent quite a bit of the weekend with soggy coats!

Perhaps we need some rain gear for the lambs...
after all, we don't want their wool to shrink!

Sunday we enjoyed a baby shower for our expectant parents Andy and Ashley...
(granddaughter due in August).

In between showers we harvested a load of lettuce from the garden...

and got a little silly....


  1. Oh, your grapes look so appealing! What variety of lettuce is that? It looks delicious!
    Dry your lettuce and get a workout at the same time. Works for me!

  2. Sticky buns, yumm!!! Let me think......what would you make with that felted wool?? You better be careful ....looks like you could put yourself out of commission spinning lettuce!!

  3. the gooseberries are so much bigger than mine! those kids are going to love all the food you are making! i spin my salads the same way.

  4. You go girl, spin that salad!! Yummy, Yummy I'm coming for breakfast! You wedding is going to be so much fun! Have a great day, Hugs!!

  5. You are a lot silly but very creative..Those sticky buns look wonderful..Yum!! Have a wonderful week..xxoo

  6. Don't worry darlin, that wool won't shrink! It will just grow and grow and grow. Baby sheeps are the best!
    You just put 5 pounds on me from looking at those buns! It's not fair. We had that delicious rain all day yesterday and it seems like everything grew afoot overnight, love it.

  7. Oh my that was a funny video talk about getting your salad and exercise all at once lol ! It was a very windy rainy day yesterday here to but the gardens loved it . Thanks for sharing , lovely photos and video ! Have a good day !

  8. Great salad spinner and good exercise!

  9. Thanks for the morning chuckle. If I tried this, I would have a salad full of dog hair!

  10. Now why is it that wool does not shrink on a lamb but when you dare putting it in the wash well you know what it does ...
    You reminded me of my Grand mother who used to do the same thing with her salad. Great for arm exercise!!!as for the delicious looking buns, lucky will be those whose lips will touch them...

    Annie v.

  11. Oh my the sticky buns . . . yum!
    Loved you Salad Video!


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