Friday, May 1, 2015

Seven Fridays

Happy May Day!!
It's Friday again,
and the sudden realization that there are only 7 more Fridays left
until it is the day before The Wedding just hit me!


I have so much to share with you on that subject...
but you will have to wait 7 more Fridays!

I did want to share a few random moments from this yesterday.

More lamby cuteness...
(I just cannot get enough of these two adorable creatures and their sweet, sweet Mama.)

All three of these girls seem to have adjusted well to their new home.

Little Hope (white) is becoming friendlier with each passing day.
Faith is a little more shy, but we're working on it.

Oh, so photogenic!

An egg hunt in the goat pen continues to be a regular part of afternoon chores.

Now that the houses are cleaned out of winter's straw,

the hens have started laying eggs in the hay feeder.

What a lovely soft nest!

Besides hours spent planting the vegetable garden,
I have been working on planting containers as well.
I just love galvanized containers and have been collecting them over the years.

They make the best containers for flowers.

I especially love to repurpose old chicken feeders...
like this one...

and these...

Old metal bakers' trays make great chalkboards!

By mid-summer, these flowers will be cascading out of these feeders!

It's been a week and a half since the chicks arrived,
and they've doubled in size!

Everyone is doing quite well...

Tomorrow I am heading to Maryland for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
I can hardly wait.
It will be a day filled with demonstrations... sheepherding, shearing, spinning, etc.
And a marketplace full of fiber and yarn.
It's time to line up next winter's woolen projects.
I'll share photos with you on Monday.


  1. First of all another you put holes in the bottom of you galvanized containers also? I love repurposed containers!! ...and have a few galvanized buckets. Hope you are able to take pictures at the festival tomorrow....sounds so exciting!

    1. I do, Colleen....put holes in the bottom of everything that I plant.....with the exception of the chicken feeders, because they have open areas near the bottom that the chickens eat from, so the soil dries out fairly well there.

    2. Thanks again!! I will be digging the drill out ( well, Doug will :) ) I've tried putting rocks in the bottom of the containers but it doesn't seem to work very well.

  2. i can't wait to hear about the festival! you planters are going to look awesome!

  3. I was going to ask the same ?. I love all your pics and those flowers will be beautiful. Love the bakers tray and those chicks are the cutest little peeps....

  4. I love how Hope appears to have leg warmers! Those babies and their Momma are so darling. Thanks for the ideas on planters, I know what I will be looking for this Spring.

  5. Hi Bev,
    Everything looks so beautiful on the farm.. I can't stand it, those darling little faces... I just adore
    Hope and Faith, and of course mama too!

  6. I like your galvanized pails for your flowers, window boxes are great too!
    I cannot complain at all about the weather here the last few days.

  7. I like your galvanized pails and window boxes for flowers.
    I cannot complain about the weather here one little bit. PERFECT!

  8. Busy! Everything looks to green and springy and cheerful!

  9. I wish I wish I wish I had some of those old chicken feeders from our farm. I would love to have just one! Your babies are so adorable and getting cuter by the day-if that is possible. xo Diana

  10. Oh my, those lambs are so adorable!
    Love your galvanized planters. Such a great use for repurposing them.
    Have fun today at the festival!

  11. Ah Maryland sheep and wool! One of the main things I miss from living in Maryland. Have fun!


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