Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hope Finds Her Voice

Gracie and the girls continue to call the barn home.
Having them spend a portion of the day in a stall gives me the opportunity to bond
with the lambs.

They are quite fast, now...
so catching them outside is impossible.

While in the stall, I can pick them up and snuggle with them.

Our weather has suddenly gotten warmer,
so Gracie and the girls spend their mornings and evenings outside.
The hot afternoon is nap time in their stall in the cool barn.

The twins are getting quite curious and a little more independent now,
so herding them from stall to grazing yard is always an adventure.
Once outside, they run and hop and play...
even enticing the dogs to play chase alongside the fence.

Here are a few minutes from yesterday morning...
where Hope finds her voice.


  1. oh my gosh....this is sooooo cute!

  2. How sweet!! I could listen to Hope all day. I commented on you weekend yesterday but the post didn't go through :( . It sounded like fun overload to me.

  3. I'll try a post again today with fingers crossed!! Those two are so cute and that darling voice! Oh my what a fun weekend you had. kids, kids and more kids! I'm sure they will always remember the farm! Enjoy you day, June

  4. Baaa ! to you too...Drove Mollie crazy..Too cute..Can't wait to meet them..Sure looks like Hope is a favorite :)

  5. Oh Bev, they are both so darn sweet! If I were close, I would be there everyday spoiling them.. You would need to fence me out! haaa

  6. What a cutie , You seem to bah bah pretty good your self lol ! Cute post ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Such a wonderful sound . . .
    They are starting to fatten up, soooo cute!

  8. Hope is a cuttee pie and the other one so dadblasted cute too! Gracie is a good mama they seem to enjoy being out in the pen and I really enjoyed when you showed them running and running, they are getting the hang of living and enjoying where they are, your doggie adores them, kudos to you for having the mama and these two twins, they are adorable..many people have never ever seen tiny little ones like yours or their mother for that matter..Our county fair has some ones, it is always so hot and windy, they keep the pens large for the little ones and there are fans and curtains so they may get some rest, but I think it just too much the mothers baaaah for their tiny ones, then they get them home it is tooo stressful our only was in 4-H and learned how they were born and raised, some of the people never sold them got too attached, my daughter tended to some of those babies & got very attached, they were not sold at the end of the fair and my daughter visited them in high school on a sanctuary for animals never to be sold and taken care of mighty fine, indoor stalls which were spacious, heated and air conditioned lovingly taken into care of for their lives!

  9. An American in TokyoMay 10, 2015 at 11:46 PM

    Omigosh! Hope has the cutest little baa! All three of the lambies are too cute!

    Boy, I sure missed your blog while I was on vacation the past week or two! I'm slowly catching up. ;)


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