Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Chores

Yesterday was super-spectacular.
Afternoon temperatures reached 70 and I dug in to my spring chore list.

In addition to the usual barn chores,
I raked 6 tractor loads of composted manure into the pumpkin patch.
Then I ran the root-tiller through the soil to loosen everything up and mix in the manure.
When you dig a new garden, as we did last year (pumpkin patch)...
it takes a couple years of yearly roto-tilling to get the soil soft enough.

When the tilling was finished I placed the landscaping fabric over the garden and began
the task of pounding in the large staples that hold it in place.

The chickens had a blast gobbling up the worms that the tiller un-earthed.

Annie patiently waited for me to throw her ball...

while Sam caught a nap on the warm landscaping fabric.

One of the photos that I took of the chickens was remarkable in that it
clearly shows how chickens have a clear inner eyelid.
You can see how this rooster's eyelid closes over the eye 
from the inner portion of the eye to the outer.

My next big task was staining the pirate ship.

I used an entire can and will need another can to finish the deck of the ship as well as the mast.

Next on the list was spray-painting the metal gates.

Over the years, these get a bit rusty...
so a fresh coat of paint helps to keep everything looking spiffy!

Amazingly, Moonbeam did not end up with a blue stripe across his nose.

You may wonder why I pushed myself so hard to get all of this done in one day.
It's because we are to have rain for the rest of the week
Inside chores will replace the spring chore list until things dry up once again.


  1. Wow! You are a real dynamo out there! Enjoy the rain! No doubt you will be knitting or baking, eh?

  2. Love how newly tilled soil looks. You sure got a lot accomplished in one day! Sure takes a lot of work to keep everything looking so nice. We hit a record low for April night before last.... -1 (yes that's Minus) at our house but the weather said our town hit -11. and still piles of snow around. Your revealing party looks like it was so much fun.Congratulations!! The cookies you made were just darling. . I'm thinking if you can teach a pig to play ball...you have way too much time on your hands :)

  3. You are amazing!! I cannot believe you did all of that in one day!!

  4. I began my spring clean up too . . . Finally the snow is hibernate, warmer weather . . . a tiny window of a few hours after my volunteer day to do some tree trimming, clean up some twigs and leaves and now a week of rain! I plan to get out there and work between showers though. Spring clean up is a busy time for everyone.

    Thank goodness that blue spray didn't leave stripeś!

  5. Not sure how my iPad thought the word hibernate needed to be in there when I was talking about the snow has vanished finally . . . (If I am commenting from my iPad I can't go back and correct my comment . . . It locks up, any clues from you why that happens?)

  6. WOW ! you were busy ! Lovely photos . What helps with the metal gates is using Tremclad paint that's if you have that over there it is for steel , metal and rod iron and helps prevent ware and tare and protects from rusting . Yes we are to have rain as of tonight all through the rest of the week but ya know the saying April showers bring May flowers lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. Okay Miss Energizer Bunny! On your winter snow days did you make list after lists and then prioritize them as to when the sun peeks out, you hit the dirt running? Great picture of the chicken inner eye lid. I'm still struggling with commenting on blog post. It all started when I changed to Google+. Grrr!! Enjoy your day, hugs!! June

  8. You must have more hours in your day than I do in mine..I've planted 6 shrubs and moved another between today and Easter Sunday..Things are looking pretty good..Love the Rooster picture..Good shot..No rain today until just now..5PM...It will water all my new plantings..

  9. Holy Cow---or I guess in your case it would be Holy Chicken----you got a lot done! Wow! Great photos and I love the one of the chicken scratching for the fresh worms. Have a great week! xo Diana

  10. Just a thought about your new spinning wheel, (I'm a little slow - ha). I have been weaving on small looms for some time and I just got a new to me floor loom and me with no clue as to how to use it. I went to craftsy.com and purchased a class on floor looms and it was amazing, a wonderful teacher and instructions clear as a bell. They have classes for all kinds of things so if your looking for assistance with your wheel......(No, I don't work for them!)

  11. Now I forgot what else I was going to say (told you I was slow). Are you able to reuse the landscape fabric? That seems like a terrific idea to me. I have a bunch of gates to paint, want to come over? We've had so much wind I'd be painting everything but the gates!

  12. My goodness, you wear me out!


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