Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Field Trips...On And Off The Farm

You might remember a couple weeks ago
that Hubbs and I and the dogs took a hike in the woods and found a tree
that had been decimated by a bear.

We subsequently positioned our game cameras in that area in the hopes of 
capturing a bear photo.

A couple days ago, we went back to the woods to get the cameras' memory cards.
While we were there we found another tree with claw marks,

and yet another that had been shredded.

With all of that bear activity, we surely would have a photo.
I combed through 300+ images and saw....

lots of deer...

This time of year everybody is antler-less...
the bucks shed their antlers in late winter.

And some very active Tom turkeys.

It's obviously mating season for wild turkeys.

These fellows were strutting their stuff!

Sadly, still no bear photos.
I will be patient....surely we will eventually get lucky.
The good news is...
I will be posting a Saturday "Walk on the Wild Side" again since spring has arrived.

Yesterday was a rainy, dreary day on the farm,
so I took the opportunity to drive 1 ½ hours to Williamsport, PA to visit this salvage company.

What a treasure trove of old doors, hardware, cabinets, light fixtures, 
architectural elements and other miscellany.

I found exactly what I was looking for.
Sadly, I cannot share that project with you until the wedding photo shoot.

Patience....if I can patiently wait for a bear photo,
you can patiently wait for wedding photos!!


  1. i can't wait to see what you bought! i love those stores!

  2. I thought you were going to say, "the good news is we didn't get attacked by the bear"! You are one brave soul.

    Oh, what a treat that place must have been. Just the building itself is gorgeous! It looks like an old church. Glad you got to go on a field trip.

  3. Great post/photos Bev . . .
    Looks like a very clean and nice recycle store . . .

  4. Thank you for the tip on the salvage company! My son will be attending school there in the fall, so I will be sure to check it out! It's amazing what those claws can do to a tree. He/she is out there somewhere!

  5. Question: Have you ever had any problem with bears and your beehives? I have a friend who has several beehives in WV. He's got them in a highly electrified fence set up now because of bears.

  6. I bet what you have cooking up for the photo shoot is going to be amazing! Can't wait (patience is NOTHING my strong suit LOL) How terrifying but exhilarating to see Bear calling cards! Hopefully you'll get that long awaited shot. ☺

  7. Heheee. I guess I can wait! Love to visit that salvage place!

  8. singing...Some day my bear will come..Yup someday, I hope
    That place in Williamsport looks like a great place to find all kinds of things..Neat..Glad you got what you were looking for..Thanks for the eggs..Yum xxoo

  9. Just the word salvage gets me giddy! Can't wait to see what you have come up with.

  10. Lovely post and photos ! Oh sounds good I am patient , besides I am a photographer and us photographers as you know have to have a lot of patients lol ! Looking forward to it ! Oh that looks like an awesome place ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  11. Awwww....Williamsport! I lived there in the 70's. Loved Helmrichs for their smoked shad! Yummo! Beautiful town! Can't wait to see your project! Karla from Coal City

  12. Great photos Bev! That bear sure has done a number on the trees... I am sure one day you will see him on your video.
    Patience, well that I have, so I will wait for the wedding photos..
    Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, spring has arrived, cotton tails everywhere... The roses are blooming, and I think I have one lilac... It just does not get cold enough in the winter here... But I am thankful for what I have.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.. I sure hope it warms up soon for you


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