Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Walk On The Wild Side

Winter is over and the woods are once again teeming with activity...
mostly deer.

I held my breath as I combed through 100+ images...
certain that a bear would be on at least one of them.
No bear.
Rats! (No, no rats, either.)

Amongst the bunches of deer photos there is an occasional fox and raccoon...

and lots of squirrels.
Can you find Waldo? (the squirrel) He's there....really!


  1. Ah well, at least you have a better idea of where they are hanging out. The deer are lovely.

  2. Found Waldo right away! But I cheated. I always greedily click on your pictures so that I can enjoy the enlarged version. OK, no bear, but I'm not disappointed. I'm happy to see the other wildlife. And I always wonder what it is that makes these dear deer stare at the camera. Flash? No, can't be. Red light? Sound?

  3. How can that be?? Maybe you have ghost bears? :)

  4. Please be careful when you go where deer roam as here in Ct . we have tons of ticks giving us Lyme disease which I have had several times( it is not curable just controllable) , very debilitating and now there is a new disease caused again by theses pests which is fatal . One of our friend who is a physician treating Lyme just informed us of this. Actually it was in all the news here.. So Please use a repellent every time you go out. Don't want you to catch anything.

    Annie v.

  5. maybe the bears are wearing their invisibility cloaks?


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