Monday, April 6, 2015

A Revealing Weekend

The suspense leading up to the big reveal party on Saturday
was almost more than I could stand.
I have so loved these past almost five years being Grammie to Tyler...
and am so excited to have another grand baby to love!

In preparation, I shopped for adorable baby items, 

baked and decorated these...

and made this with Amanda's help...

What a chubby little baby!

Andy and Ashley graciously hosted both of their large families for an afternoon party
to reveal the gender of their baby due in August.
The weather cooperated, and the party spilled out onto the back deck.

We patiently waited for the big moment...

It's a girl!!!

Oh, what fun it will be to have a granddaughter...
oh, the sewing and knitting I can do!

Thanks to Andy and Ashley for hosting this wonderfully fun party 
and sharing their good news with all of us!

Sunday brought us another beautiful sunny day
and gave us a chance to spend some time with the animals.
We played ball with the dogs and the pigs.

Ginger learned how to pick up the tennis ball and carry it around.

No matter how hard she tried,
MaryAnn just could not fit that ball in her mouth.

She tried and tried....
to no avail.

The afternoon was warm enough for me to open our beehives and feed the bees.

With the cold weather finally behind us, I was able to finally remove the black tar paper
from the hives.

Happily, the bees were buzzing all around as I tended to their hive.

I'm sure they are just as happy that Spring has arrived
as I am!

Last, but certainly not least...
I have two pictures of our new lambkins....

Babies, babies everywhere!


  1. what fun! a granddaughter! i am so happy for you! and those baby lambs are too cute!

  2. Congratulations on your new addition...a little girl :). The baby lambs..too precious.

  3. What fun are you going to have with a little granddaughter!! Love, love the little lambs!! Enjoy this week of warmer weather! Hugs, June

  4. Congratulations to all your family, a granddaughter is a joy , well all grandchildren are!!! but it will be such fun , I should know we have 8 grandsons and 7 granddaughters, but when you consider we have 6 children !!!! it is not that many!!!

    and those baby lambs so so sweet.

    A spring of good news what could be better?

    Annie v.

  5. What a darling and exciting way to announce the sex of a baby! The fruit carriage is so creative and beautiful. Happy for all of you with this wonderful baby news! I cannot wait to see more pictures of those adorable lambs.

  6. Oh how wonderful Congrats to you all ! Lovely weekend you had as well and wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. It's been a long time since there was a little girl in the family..Congratulations to all of us!! Who knew piggies could play ball?? The sheep are adorable..can't wait to meet them..Babies all over the place :)

  8. I simply cannot imagine the outfits you will make for young miss Granddaughter!! Congratulations to both families!!

  9. How fabulous that you'll have a little granddaughter to sew and knit for (and with). Your weather looks perfect! Glad the critters are able to get outside.

  10. So exciting . . .
    A baby girl . . .
    Lambkins are pretty special too . . .

  11. Oh what joy babies bring to our hearts, both the 2 and 4 legged ones... Congrats on the Pink... I can see you now, searching 'pintrest' for a gazillion fun ideas.... hugz


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