Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Porcine Snow Cones

Yesterday was another blue sky, sunny day.
The snow is melting and the ground is becoming soggy.

The warmth of the sun allowed me to do afternoon chores without my jacket.
How free one feels when the heavy winter outerwear is no longer needed!

Ginger and MaryAnn came out to visit with me.

They sniffed the air.
"Spring is coming, girls, you can smell it, can't you!"

"We thought of a way to help make spring come even faster," proclaimed MaryAnn.
"We shall just eat the snow!"  they both chimed in.

"Oooooh, I think your little piggy bellies might get cold.  Or you might get a headache
from eating so much cold,"  I warned.

"That's the silliest idea,"  laughed Annie.

But, the pigs were not to be stopped.
Once a little piggy gets an idea in her head, she becomes a force of nature.

Both girls set about getting rid of the snow.
Just like this.....

At this rate, girls, Spring should arrive in another couple of years.
Luckily you will have lots of help from Mother Nature this week!

I received an email yesterday from a website entitled Mother Nature Network. (www.mnn.com)
They had chosen my blog amongst several others and featured it in an article
I am so excited!!
Be sure to follow the link and check out the article...as well as the other farm blogs featured!
There is an adorable photo of Red and Ollie featured in the article as well.
My Littles are famous!!!


  1. You and your Littles are both famous. Congratulations! The piggies are just looking for that mud that is hidden under the snow. Can't wait! I guess were going to get a little rain later today to help it along. Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    You and the cuties enjoy the feeling of Spring.

  3. Congratulations on the article, of course they could not ignore you, you are the best.

    The piggies ar having an icy snack, just like my grandchildren this weekend who could not resist the melting snow.

    Annie v.

  4. It seems we haven't seen the piggies in months. Happy to see them emerge from their hibernation.

  5. congrats for being asked to join mother nature network. i can't wait to follow and see the other farms. teddy eats snow like that too! it just started to rain here.

  6. Lets hope the sun stays out to melt the snow or at the piggies rate it will be around for some time, LOL!!
    I've got my fingers crossed that Spring is on the way to your part of the country. I think we are in for rain tomorrow. It's been weeks and this is not normal for Oregon. Take care, Hugs!!

  7. Oh yay! New blogs to follow! :-) Congrats on being included in that group. :-)

  8. Oh I can't even watch, it makes my teeth hurt! Aren't they cute, though! Spring, Spring! I feel like shouting it out loud..I am so happy! Congratulations on being featured as a fascinating farm blog. How COOL!!

  9. I never thought I would fall for a pig... but I just did! Notice how delicately they eat the snow... I bet they aren't so mannerly with their porridge! I am not going to the NY fair this year, it is too far for us. Went last year. I wish you could get to the OHIO CLF. it is the best one.

  10. Awesomeeee! hugz to you all,,, ohh and can I have their autographs? >^..^<


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