Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Horse Power!

It's two days until Spring.
(Can you believe it?)
And exactly two days and three months until the longest day of the year....
the first day of SUMMER!
AND.... Tim and Amanda's Wedding Day.

The list of farm chores that need to be accomplished over the next three months is daunting.
First and foremost....
everyone and everything is filthy from winter!

All of our equines will need a major make-over in the next three months.

And the barn...
Even our cobwebs have cobwebs.

Yesterday I bought myself an early birthday present.
A shop vac.
I bought the one that had the most horsepower (suction).

Now tell me, does horsepower translate into a vacuum?
I understand horsepower when talking about engines.
But vacuums?
Does 6.5 horsepower mean that there is as much suction as 6 and a half inhaling horses?

And what is a half of a horse?
Shouldn't it be 6 or 7 horsepower?
6 and a half horses?
Which half of the horse did I get?
The right or left?
The front or back?

Or is this what they mean by a half of a horse?

Well regardless, this little vacuum will be working quite hard over the next few weeks.
I plan to make the barn shine!
As for the equines.... they'll be clipped and shampooed and brushed.
Any possibility they'll stay that way?

About as much as half a sucking horse!


  1. Looks like things are warming up there nicely!

  2. In your dreams! Good luck with that. Cold but beautiful today. Enjoy!

  3. You have a big job ahead of you- I think you will need all the "horsepower" you can get. lol Can't wait for the wedding pictures that I know are coming.
    I am ready for spring..but we are at least a montha way yet. xo Diana

  4. Boy are you putting spring cleaning to who other meaning!!! You go girl and get all those cobweb!
    Hugs, June

  5. Cobwebs..hate them..and boy have we got them also. Broom/shopvac here also. Our horses look the same. Can't wait for everything to dry out.

    Spring is so welcome. Enjoy the warmer weather.

  6. yikes...nothing like a bit of pressure to get one moving! summer equinox is a perfect time for a wedding! just 3 months and 2 days until the days start getting shorter...yay!!!

  7. Yes this mucky spring weather reaks havoc on all animals I expect lol I know our Miggs gets mucky every time she goes outside YUK ! Nice shop vac Papa here loves his shop vac it is the wet dry one does a great job to ! Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Our two horses got their 'pedicures' on Monday. Spent a good amount of time spiffing each of them up to a gloss. Came out in the afternoon and it was all for naught, instead of a chocolate and a sorrel we had two dun colored horses! So yes, good luck.

  9. I don't know about the horsepower but I sure like your horses.


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