Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Birthday!

If you read yesterday's post,
you saw a couple of photos of these two...

I love trans-species relationships
and have taken a lot of time to try to foster them.

Every source that I have read claims that donkeys and dogs are natural enemies...
that donkeys see them as predators.

What I have found, however, is that donkeys have the ability to learn
to trust our canine friends.

I always insist in the dogs treating the donkeys with great respect.
And for the most part the donkeys have come to tolerate the dogs.

Annie, being the newest, keeps her distance.

As long as she is far enough away, she relaxes in their yard.

Yesterday I sat with the donkeys for a while in the afternoon.
As usual, they were all over me.
Heads in my lap...

Nibbles on my jacket...

my hood...
(Oh...I forgot to tell you...I got my hair cut!)

At one point, Annie got up enough nerve to come over to us.

And while the donkeys were occupied in my lap,
she gathered up all of her courage and sniffed Daphne's tail end.

Satisfied, she found a safe spot and took a little nap.

"Is that the faint odor of donkey in the air?"

I finished painting the new farm sign...

It will need a few more coats of marine polyurethane to keep it safe from weather.

Today is my birthday.
My 40th... at least that's what my Mom says (every year!).
I am sure that there is a mis-print on my birth certificate,
because I sure don't feel as old as it says I am.
Regardless, one thing that makes today special is that I share it with my oldest and dearest friend.
Happy Birthday Laurie!...may we share many more!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Bev! Have a wonderful day, how ever you choose to celebrate! Love to see the interactions of your animals; I've always thought that animals could teach many humans about love and tolerance. PS-your haircut looks great! Birthday hugs!

  2. Happy Birthday! May the Lord bless you with a wonderful year!! Enjoy your day!

  3. have a wonderful, happy birthday! i love that sign. the blueberries are perfect with the hive and bees.

  4. Happy, happy birthday Bev!! I hope you'll have a beautiful day filled with lots of good things! Love the new hairdo, looks very pretty!

  5. Beverly, best wishes for a very Happy Birthday! I hope the day brings you much joy and happiness. And give those donkeys an ear scratch from me.(I think they're my favorites!)

  6. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Beverly happy birthday to you.

  7. Happy Birthday...enjoy your special day!

  8. Happy, happy day to you....and many more! Hugs.

  9. Happy Birthday! Wishes for a wonderful day! Love your blog!


  10. Happy Birthday, gosh only 40!!!! Remember we are only as old as we feel. And as I told my Mom, I will never, ever grow up! Have a wonderful day!! Hugs, June

  11. Happy Birthday ! oh only 40 I wish lol ! I can see why some people would say that about Donkeys and dogs as in some countries Donkeys are used as watch dogs instead of dogs as they are better at it to keep away the wolves , coyotes and big cats from herds of other animals ! But like anything else they hopefully get used to one another after a while of being around each other and begin to trust they wont be harmed by either of them ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing have a great day !

  12. Happy Birthday and many more healthy ones.

    The pigs used to be my favorites but the donkeys have come in first place!!! they look so gentle well maybe Annie does not think so...

    Annie v.

  13. Many blessings on your birthday and through the year! thank you for making each of feel like part of your "family" :)

  14. happy, happy birthday!!!! i like the new hair cut. blessings to you and all your family.

  15. Happy birthday!! And from what I could see of your new haircut it looks fabulous.

  16. Happy Birthday!
    Enjoy many, many more!

  17. Love the new haircut! Your hair looks so healthy.
    Continued blessings on this birthday.


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