Monday, March 30, 2015

First Spring Weekend?

It was a strange weekend....this first weekend of Spring.
Saturday started out like this...

and snow flurries continued for most of the day.

This guy(?) was discovered in the henhouse on Saturday morning.
Apparently he had spent the night there and feasted on one of the chickens.
This is the first time I have ever had an opossum kill a chicken...usually they just raid the eggs.

He was a big ugly guy (for some reason the ugly animals are always guys to me)...
but we spared his life,
capturing him in a trash can...

and then transporting him miles away...

where he was set free...
far away from anyone's henhouses!

Sunday brought a bit of warmth....finally,
and I spent most of the day working on wedding signage.
I finished this signpost...

and this one...

and worked on a new Bee Haven Acres farm sign.
(photos later this week)

We hiked with the dogs through the woods...

searching for deer antlers that have been shed (found none).
We did, however, come across this tree that had been shredded...

presumably by bear claws.

This is the area of the woods where our friends had seen bear footprints in the snow.
It is also the same area where we had seen a bear several years ago.
Needless to say, 2 trail cams are now monitoring this part of the woods!

A visit to Ginger and MaryAnn in the warmth of the afternoon...
for a fresh drink...

and a little socialization...

Moll loves her piggies!

And MaryAnn never minds giving Moll a lift!


  1. Oh, so sorry about your chicken. Thankfully, he only got one.
    Your signage is wonderful. Looks like it's definitely warming up up there.

    1. Warming up....only slightly. It still feels like winter, unfortunately. The forecast is calling for snow showers again tomorrow. Geesh!

  2. I just find it hilarious that Mol can sit on the pigs! Your farm just makes for good buddies. You were so kind to let the possum go...of course, I would too but.... Ok, I won't be walking in your neck of the woods any time that bear is very scary....I didn't know they did that to trees! I find deer markings like that in my yard but none that large or that high!!!

  3. Oh, such a wonderful way to start the week .. by reading your post!

    M, the lurker ..

  4. what is it with cats and pigs? warmth for the kitties? that sure is a bear scratching. i remember those from my hunting days!

  5. I get a big kick out of your cat Mol who sits on pigs and never bothers them takes a ride and off she or he goes..Your life is wonderful you respect all living creatures, you must have a peaceful loving life..Why can'thuman beings be like you I say? the intolerance and hate in this world is abysmal indeed, this is Holy week for Christians and Passover for Jews, my hubs of 41 years is Jewish he is peaceful and kind while he was working full time he always worked Easter and near Christmas and Holy Christian days,now he is retired and he thinks of all the people who must work everyday just to feed and clothe their kin and never a day off..We cook and make food at a food pantry this is for people who work many hours not making much who fed their families first and they will starve if they don't find the pantry, we are not members of this young pastors mission to feed all human beings, but we get food and bring it down and see the happy faces of real live human beings getting nutritious food to eat, they never complain but it must be difficult to go to a food place and get food, I never judge there for the grace of God go I is my motto. My prayer these holy days of Passover is for human beings to help those who have so little in the way of food, it doesn't matter what religion you are it is about human beings and the love that is in all human beings..I love your blog what a blog it gives me great happiness to read it early and your animals are so dadblasted cute and smart..Happy Holidays!

  6. Curious if you take any type of 'weapon' when you go hiking in bear country. I'm surprised the possy took a chicken:(

    1. I have never carried a weapon when hiking, however, just yesterday when we saw how that tree was decimated....Hubbs suggested that I carry a pistol with me. That would mean I would have to learn to shoot it and practice......Don't see that happening! I count on my voice being weapon enough, I suppose. And although I would not want to see my dogs hurt, I know that they would run that bear off.

  7. Oh Moll & piggies, so cute. Love the wedding signage also! Now about that possum! I sure hope you took "him" hundreds of miles away, Oh I don't like them!!!! They will eat a chicken anytime around here. Bear, yikes, run! I hope you are a better aim then I am, even with practice. I'm sending positive thoughts that Spring will come to your part of the world. Ours has been lovely. Hugs!! June

  8. I love seeing Molly hitch a ride on the piggies backs lol ! Lovely photos . We always live trap or catch and release or rather re locate far away the critters that hang about but we dont get many as we dont have tasty farm animals for them just lots of bird seed on the ground and in the feeders ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. This morning very early (6 am is for me) I saw at least 1" on the ground , went back to bed and 3 hours later looked outside and it was all gone, made me think for a minute I had been dreaming!!! a good thing my husband had seen it all, Reassuring!!! but what has happened to the proverb March comes in as a lion and leaves as a lamb?

    The signs are wonderful... love the one about chicken scraps, hope the chickens follow the direction !!!

    Would pepper spray be useful on a bear, the one carried by police officers, which is much more powerful than the commercial one. Or perhaps a powerful horn? of course a pistol is the best solution especially as you have the dogs with you, a dilemma....

    Annie v.

  10. Love Moll and her piggies..Mr Possum wouldn't be far enough away for my taste..That tree looks like it had recent visitors from a bear..Hope the cameras catch him before you do !!

  11. Springtime at Bee Haven . . . fun to see . . . and Molly takes the blue ribbon! (Piggies should get blue ribbons too!)

  12. That Moll on Mary Ann reminds me of a children's story. LOL. Love it!
    You are good soul to transport that possum out and away. Most would have done away with his little chicken-eating self. I did not realize they would eat chickens!!!! They are not the cutest animal in the world, are they?
    Have a great night- xo Diana


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