Wednesday, March 25, 2015


One of the many wonderful things about this life surrounded by animals
is the ability to observe them as they go about their days in relaxed surroundings.

There is very little stress for our farm animals.
They are on a rather tight routine...they always know what time it is.
There is security in routine for animals.
And with security comes the ability to relax.

As humans we so often think that our emotional lives are uniquely ours as a species.
Animals are often viewed as less intelligent, less aware, less emotional.
One of the things that delights me in my observations is how very much we are alike...
we humans and our animal companions.

We don't own the emotional market...
we share it with all creatures great and small.

One observation that I have made that warms my heart is how
emotionally connected animals are to members of their family.

So very often I witness mothers and daughters....

or mothers and sons....

all cuddled up, loving, emotionally connected to each other.

These two are like bookends 

and never go anywhere without each other...

As are these two....

And all you have to do is remove one of the horses to know that they are one tight family.
The others raise such a fuss when one is gone...

I have no doubt that animals feel some form of love for each other.
I have witnessed animals mourning over the death of a herd-mate, as well.

We, as humans, must never forget that we are members of the animal kingdom as well.
And although we have the ability to speak and the ability to do critical thinking
and have advanced fine motor skills...
our animal friends are more like us than we imagine.

We owe them the same respect and kindness
that we owe each other.
We owe them humane treatment in every aspect.


  1. You are SO right. So glad there are folks like you in the world. ;0)

  2. Wonderful thoughts and sharing Bev . . . So true . . .

  3. i always thing the first thing we will learn when we die is that animals are actually far more intelligent and advanced than we are.

  4. I couldn't agree more! Our cats have very distinct personalities and have found out how to communicate with us (body language, meows, purrs, cuddling) and are so in tune with our own emotions. I can't describe how happy it makes us to see them so happy and content in their home and with their "parents".

  5. Beautiful and so true. You can tell a lot about someone as to how they treat animals. Great post!

  6. Loved your post. You are so right. I love that last pic.

  7. I couldn't agree more..Maybe I'll leave Mollie home..She'll just upset the balance :)

  8. So true, animals are so smart, much more so than they are given credit for. I love the picture of the cat and the pig. You should frame it...what a conversation starter.

  9. Oh Bev, so very true!
    I have just been enjoying our little 'barn kitties' and how they excepted yet another abandoned kitty,,, if only we humans could get along as well....
    p.s., Spring is in the air over here... I and my barn kitties are enjoying gardening,, I work the garden, they stretch out in the sun and watch me... Hey it's a tuff job, but someone has to do it! lol! >^..^<

  10. LOL!! The cat sitting on the pig!!!... And you're so right... my husband laughs but there is no doubt they know love, they know security, companionship, fear, even worry. It's why it's so unfathomable that humans can still be so cruel to them -

  11. So, so true, and your photos illustrate it in such a lovely way! I wish your thinking could "go viral" and "infect" all those humans who still haven't gotten it...


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