Monday, February 2, 2015

A Banner Weekend

As I write this post... it is snowing again. 
Another 7 or so inches are predicted...time will tell.

( This is Ella Bella-chick...given that name this Super Bowl weekend because of her continual scowl.)

Our weekend flew by so very quickly...
spent with friends and their two labs Lola And Roxy.
You might remember in the tale about the farm history, I had mentioned that the farm
was purchase with another couple.
It was this couple who spent the weekend with us.

Needless to say, it was a perfect winter weekend...
a great mix of outdoor activities,
time spent by the fire with good conversation,
good food...

(Peach-raspberry pie from last summer's fruit)
and very happy pups!

We hiked and hiked and the dogs romped along side us...
loving the snow and every minute they were out in it!

They romped and romped for hours.

Hubbs and I had the opportunity to cross-country ski...

and also to try out our new snow shoes.

I love the snow makes walking in the snow much easier and faster!

As for cross-country skiing...
there is a little bigger learning curve with that...
and will take some time until I feel confident.
The air was cold and crisp...with temperatures in the teens most of the weekend.
Amazingly, even in this cold, we worked up quite a sweat doing all of our outdoor activities!

To Karla Jo, who asked last week how I get everything done in 24 hours...

I am by nature an early riser (always have been).  The flip side of that, however, is I am
an early-to-bed type of person, also.  But when I awaken, I hit the ground running.  I try to shower as soon as I rise and then throw on my work clothes and out I go.  I am very organized about the farm chores and pretty much have them down to a science.  Winter complicates things a little.  Manure clean-up is more of a challenge when the manure freezes into the ice and snow.  I am not one to sit during the day...except when I am reading email.  I divide my day into segments and set goals for completion of the days tasks in each segment.  I keep myself fairly scheduled.

I try to stay on top of chores like laundry, ironing, dishes, vacuuming, so that things don't pile up.
Now, here is my confession... I have help with the cleaning.  During the summer time this is essential, as there are many days in which I leave the house in the morning and don't return until it's time to make dinner. 

At first I tried assigning myself a room a day, but found that then the house was never entirely clean. was the solution.  This is the biggest factor in my not getting completely overwhelmed.

Evenings are my time to knit.  If I sit....I knit.

I do love the farm work the best of all that I do....which is a good thing, because there is always
plenty of it to do!


  1. isn't it a light bulb moment when you walk in the snow with snowshoes for the first time. it's, someone sure figured this out! your day sounds a lot like mine. i feel like i am getting a late start on the occasional days when i sleep in to 5. on the flip side, my night is wrapped up by about 8. if i sit, i do something else at the same time. we got a dusting here and now are covered in ice again. what a winter, or lack thereof.

  2. Looks like it was a fun weekend. Love seeing dogs outside playing. It is really fun hearing you answer all the questions that were asked. It is generous of you to give and in depth look of your days. It is really fun to read about. I have to keep busy too and if I sit I knit.

  3. I could have used those snow shoes this morning..The streets were wet and muddy.A little slippery..We traversed shoveled territory which was much cleaner but difficult to walk (for me)..Glad you had a good visit..We only got a dusting of snow..mostly rain...Have a wonderful week..Stay warm..

  4. I'm curious what is the coldest you have seen? It gets to about -30 to -50 with wind sometimes here. But I don't know F, I always have to convert it to celsius

    1. The very coldest is around -12 to -18 Celsius. Rarely with wind chill it can be a little colder.

    2. Oh that's not so bad then. But that wind sure can hurt the face sometimes!!

  5. Ah well, you have help with the cleaning!... ;-) To me, what you achieve in a day, every day, is (still) mind-boggling, as is what you have to show for it: Your very own paradise of beauty and harmony. "We grow love." This is what I sense when I cyber-visit every day, and I want to thank you for sharing it all through your exceptionally lovely blog (for which, somehow, you also find the time every day...).

  6. I was a down hill skier for years, never felt comfortable with x-country.
    I have tried the snow shies and like it more.
    Nice pics Bev!


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